SaaS Startup Growth How To’s

By Jennifer Klostermann | October 27, 2016

By Jennifer Klostermann

Ouissam Youssef: The Value of a Vertical Market Orientation

By Jennifer Klostermann | October 20, 2016

Vertical Market Orientation Sponsored series by the Valsef Group Vertical markets supply products and services to a specific industry (i.e. banking, real estate, insurance) with precise user specifications, and thus vertical market software offers developments for niche applications which are

Problem In Customer Support – What Mobile App Developers Can Learn From AmEx

By Barry Coleman | September 20, 2016

Mobile App Developers Peanut butter and jelly, salt and pepper, marketing and… customer support? We don’t tend to consider customer support as a complement to marketing, but when an organization experiences success in retaining customers and securing customer loyalty, it’s

Customer Service Tools

Data Driven Social Selling Strategies

By Jennifer Klostermann | September 15, 2016

Social Selling Strategies Social selling, the use of social media tools such as Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, and Linkedin for salespeople to interact with current and potential customers, is a valuable instrument in the martech bag that’s made the role of

Serverless Computing

Martech – Greater Flexibility And Opportunities

By Jennifer Klostermann | September 6, 2016

Martech Breeds Marketing technology of recent years offers us greater flexibility and opportunity, and though debate rages regarding issues such as the value of marketing clouds versus self-service technology, it’s apparent that whatever breed is chosen, relevant and advanced marketing

Martech Technologies and Machines

By Jennifer Klostermann | August 10, 2016

Technologies and Machines So much of our lives has changed because of technology, not least of all the way people shop; from the places consumers go for information, to how they share their purchase experiences, to the manner of product

Hubgets – Advanced Collaboration, Enriched Communication

By Jennifer Klostermann | July 25, 2016

Advanced Collaboration Tool Collaboration tools have advanced leaps and bounds with the advent of cloud technology, and the services available are only getting better. Promising features such as sophisticated group communication, productive management of tasks and meetings, and the ultimate

Four Recurring Revenue Imperatives

By Tom Dibble | June 22, 2016

Revenue Imperatives “Follow the money” is always a good piece of advice, but in today’s recurring revenue-driven market, “follow the customer” may be more powerful. Two recurring revenue imperatives highlight the importance of responding to, and cherishing customer interactions. Technology

The latest Marketing Technology Landscape Supergraphic shows that, yet again, the marketing technology

Martech Solutions Expand Despite Poor Implementations

By Jennifer Klostermann | June 15, 2016

Martech Strategies In partnership with Oracle, Digital Doughnut released their Transforming Marketing Technology report which insists that businesses need to use marketing technology to deflect disruptive forces and stay competitive. Unfortunately, most companies aren’t using this technology very well; organizations

Cloud Marketing Tools – Setting Up Your Marketing Cloud

By Jennifer Klostermann | June 2, 2016

Online Marketing Tools Most recently, an acquisition agreement for the purchase of marketing automation vendor Marketo by a private equity firm was announced, with a price tag of $1.79 billion. This is the latest buyout of a marketing automation vendor,

Brand Identity Technology Trends

Brand Identity Technology Trends Is Now The Crux Of Business

By Daniel Matthews | May 9, 2016

Brand Identity Trends When Tim Cook and Apple pushed back against the FBI’s iPhone hack request, the resulting conflict hit on where we are, and where we’re going, with technology and business. It’s not just about useful tools people can

How Big Data Can Impact Marketing Sector

By Ritika Tiwari | May 3, 2016

Big Data Marketing Sector It would be an understatement to say the era of big data is upon us. If you have been living under a rock, then you should know that big data means a collection of data which