Microsoft announces breakthrough in Chinese-to-English machine translation

By CloudBuzz | March 14, 2018

A team of Microsoft  researchers announced on Wednesday they’ve created the first machine translation system that’s capable of translating news articles from Chinese to English with the same accuracy as a person. The company says it’s tested the system repeatedly on a sample of

IBM Study: Responding to Cybersecurity Incidents Still a Major Challenge for Businesses

By CloudBuzz | March 14, 2018

77 percent of firms surveyed lack proper incident response plans; while 69 percent report funding for cyber resiliency is insufficient CAMBRIDGE, MA – 14 Mar 2018: IBM Security (NYSE: IBM) today announced the results of a global study exploring the factors and

Google bans crypto-currency adverts starting in June

By CloudBuzz | March 14, 2018

Google has moved to ban crypto-currency advertising from its platforms. The move will affect promotional campaigns for initial coin offerings, Bitcoin exchanges, digital wallets to store the assets and trading advice. A notice said the policy would be introduced in June but

Salesforce launches simplified software aimed at small businesses

By CloudTweaks | March 13, 2018

SAN FRANCISCO (Reuters) – Inc on Tuesday launched new sales and customer service software tailored specifically for small businesses, a market the company has struggled to address. Called‘Essentials’, the apps are simplified versions of Salesforce’s Sales and Service Cloud

Microsoft opens two data centers in Germany: reports

By CloudBuzz | March 13, 2018

FRANKFURT (Reuters) – Microsoft is opening two cloud data centers in Germany at a cost running to more than 100 million euros ($120 million), two news publications reported on Tuesday, citing industry sources. The data centers would allow customers of

Avaya Unveils New Mobile Cloud Service for Contact Centers

By CloudBuzz | March 12, 2018

Avaya Mobile Experience enhances the customer experience for smartphone callers while enabling businesses to reduce carrier costs and propel digital transformation ORLANDO, FL–(Marketwired – March 12, 2018) – Enterprise Connect 2018 — Avaya Holdings Corp. (NYSE: AVYA) today announced a unique service that

Dropbox Sets IPO Target Valuation at $7 Billion to $8 Billion

By CloudBuzz | March 12, 2018

Dropbox Inc. set a valuation target between $7 billion and nearly $8 billion ahead of its initial public offering, which is set to be one of the biggest tech IPOs in the past few years. In a filing Monday, the

Japan’s Coincheck to start repaying customers Monday after digital money heist

By CloudBuzz | March 12, 2018

TOKYO (Reuters) – Japanese cryptocurrency exchange Coincheck Inc, reeling from government reprimands over lax standards after $530 million dollar theft of digital money, said it would from Monday start repaying customers affected by the heist. Coincheck also plans to lift

Yahoo Agrees $80m Securities Class Action Settlement

By CloudBuzz | March 9, 2018

Yahoo has agreed to pay $80m to settle a class action suit filed by investors relating to data breaches affecting three billion customers. Several shareholders filed the suit in January 2017, alleging the internet giant broke federal securities law fraud by

Ransomware Future

Half of Ransomware Victims Didn’t Recover Their Data After Paying the Ransom

By CloudBuzz | March 9, 2018

A massive survey of nearly 1,200 IT security practitioners and decision makers across 17 countries reveals that half the people who fell victim to ransomware infections last year were able to recover their files after paying the ransom demand. The

Death of Traditional Enterprise Storage

Death of Traditional Enterprise Storage

Traditional Enterprise Storage Back in 2003, Chris Pinkham and Benjamin Black, two engineers working for, proposed a dramatic overhaul ...
The Paradox of Colocation Solutions

The Paradox of Colocation Solutions

Colocation Solutions According to Aberdeen Group and Ventana Research, one out of four enterprises surveyed expect their data to grow ...
The Cloud Above Our Home

The Cloud Above Our Home

Our Home - Moving All Things Into The Cloud The promise of a smart home had excited the imagination of ...
Mark Carrizosa

Despite Record Breaches, Secure Third Party Access Still Not An IT Priority

Record Breaches Research has revealed that third parties cause 63 percent of all data breaches. From HVAC contractors, to IT ...
Technology Cloud Contributor

IoT Data Centers – “We’ve Always Done IoT, We’re Just Terrible At Marketing It”

IoT Data Centers An often repeated phrase by many data center professionals is “We’ve always done IoT, we’re just terrible ...
Minna Wang

Using Cloud Technology In The Education Industry

Student Collaboration Arguably one of society's most important functions, teaching can still seem antiquated at times. Many schools still function ...