Pinup: CloudRAIL – Laying Down The IoT Tracks With API’s

By Jeremy Daniel | March 14, 2016

The Internet of Things and API’s If you have been paying attention to the technology press in 2016, it’s likely that you will view the impending arrival of the Internet of Things (IoT) as an inevitability. The IoT, coupled with

Cloud Pinup: Analyzing Data With DataRPM

By Jeremy Daniel | February 17, 2016

Analyzing Data With DataRPM The transformative power of cognitive data products in the struggle to retain customers In a world where consumers expect more and more from the products that they buy and the services that they use, the intelligent

Cloud Pinup: CloudMoyo – Compliance Management

By Jeremy Daniel | February 5, 2016

Cloud Pinup: CloudMoyo The burden of security and regulation makes compliance a burning issue in the migration to the cloud As the international move to cloud computing platforms gathers pace, the issue of compliance is one that comes up regularly,

Cloud Pinup: Jukedeck – A.I. Based Music Creator

By Jeremy Daniel | December 10, 2015

Cloud Pinup: Jukedeck Think of that beautiful piece of video you shot over the weekend. Wouldn’t it sound better with a piece of music to go with it? Of course it would. How long is the video? What style do

Cloud Pinup: BrightPoint Security – Hyper Threat Intelligence

By Jeremy Daniel | December 2, 2015

Cloud Pinup: BrightPoint Security  Cyber threats become more and more sophisticated with every passing year and companies are being forced to respond with full-time, exhaustive security information and event management (SIEM). Precious resources that would otherwise be deployed in the interests

Cloud Pinup: LIMA – Taking The ‘Personal Cloud’ To The Next Level

By Jeremy Daniel | November 25, 2015

LIMA: The Personal Cloud Startup With every passing week, cloud storage gets easier and moves further into the mainstream. One of the biggest trends in cloud computing right now is the concept of the private cloud, and a new storage device and

Cloud Pinup: – Securing Companies Big and Small

By Jeremy Daniel | November 13, 2015

Cloud Pinup: Every company should be as secure as the industry leaders with NO exceptions More and more organizations are placing their faith in the cloud, with both their general everyday and their mission-critical workloads. They trust that the

Cloud Pinup: PageCloud – Writing A New Chapter In Webdesign

By Jeremy Daniel | November 11, 2015

Cloud Pinup: PageCloud One of the most neglected areas of web development in recent years has been around the actual process of building and designing a brand new website. There have been strides in template-driven web design but too often

Cloud Pinup: Tutum – Docker Platform Helping Dev And Ops

By Jeremy Daniel | November 4, 2015

Cloud Pinup: Tutum There is a company with a singular vision of providing the simplest way for developers to go from code into production. A company that has, in just over a year, become the go-to destination for easily deploying

Cloud Pinup: StoryCloud – Permission Based Publishing

By CloudTweaks | October 26, 2015

Cloud Pinup: StoryCloud With its headquarters located in Mountain View California, the StoryCloud purpose is bold, permission based publishing. It seeks to give control to publishers and artists, as well as bringing users to their content in a social media


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Healthcare IoT Security To Grow To $47 Billion In 2021

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3 Ways to Protect Users From Ransomware With the Cloud

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The Age of Data In our digital era data deluge – soaring amounts of data, is an overriding feature. That’s ...