Redis Labs Tops In Independent NoSQL Performance Benchmark

By Penny Swift / June 4, 2015

NoSQL Performance Benchmark In a newly released benchmark established to determine which NoSQL database works best in a specific real-world scenario, Redis Labs Enterprise Cluster substantially outperformed the four other databases tested. The test, which was conducted independently by Avalon

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The Multi-Faceted ERP (Enterprise Resources Planning) Business

By CloudTweaks / June 1, 2015

ERP Enterprise Resources Planning Business agility and responsiveness to changing market dynamics has become a crucial factor in remaining abreast of competition and sustaining profits in the long run. To become agile, business must be able to monitor, track, and

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Cloud Startup Funding Sources & Tools

By Jennifer Klostermann / May 26, 2015

Cloud Startup Funding Sources & Tools  As we’ve been discussing over the past couple of weeks. CloudTweaks will continue its focus on providing information and tools enabling innovative startups to compete in this lucrative market. We’d recommend subscribing to our

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10 Prototyping Tools To Help Build Your Startup

By CloudTweaks / May 20, 2015

Prototyping Tools We are continuing this week by focusing on startup tools, tips and tweaks that will help you build, design, manage and market your way into the cloud based business that you want to be. Last week we offered a

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Methodically Plan Your Cloud Design First

By Richard Thayer / May 18, 2015

Are You Sure You Are Ready For The Cloud: Design For the last few months, we have been discussing getting ready to go to the cloud. We have covered topics such as Financial and Business Security reasons. We have even

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Startup Checklist

Startup Checklist For Businesses Moving To The Cloud

By CloudTweaks / May 14, 2015

Startup Checklist What you require is a basic cloud startup checklist. There are many people who aspire to do great things in this world and see new technologies such as Cloud computing and Internet of Things as a tremendous offering

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5 Companies That Took On The Small Business Cloud – And Won

By Gary Gould / May 12, 2015

The Small Business Cloud We take a look at 5 world-leading tech companies that have brought ground-breaking new cloud services to SMEs  Plenty of organisations have broken into new markets with innovative cloud-based products. Discover which companies have successfully taken

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Using Mobile Technology To Price, Quote and Engage Customers

By Steve Prentice / May 1, 2015

Quote and Engage Customers To remain competitive in the e-commerce age, companies are starting to recognize that one price does not fit all, and in fact, the marketplace demands a great deal of versatility. Individual consumers have experienced this when

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Here Are Four Ways To Elevate IT

By Marc Malizia / April 15, 2015

Here Are Four Ways To Elevate IT Prior to joining the consulting side of the industry, I worked in corporate IT for the first 7-8 years of my career. While my time in corporate IT has long come to a

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Myths Of Cloud Computing

Choosing A Cloud Hosting Provider With Confidence

By Brent Anderson / April 8, 2015

Choosing a Cloud Hosting Provider Since cloud computing hit the commercial market, cloud service providers have exploded in popularity, with a huge variety of different services each tailored to its own unique variety of client. For clients, though, this presents a

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