Successful Selling In The Cloud Relies On Billing

By CloudTweaks | August 26, 2011

Selling In The Cloud  The cloud offers a multitude of benefits for businesses looking to expand their sales channels. In the cloud, these companies can create new, predictable revenue streams; develop economies of scale; gain faster time to market; and

Zynga, the Latest Computing Success

By Sourya Biswas | July 13, 2011

Zynga – Cloud Computing Success The business world is abuzz with the upcoming Zynga IPO which is expected to raise $1 billion from investors and value the gaming company as high as $20 billion. Just for the record, Zynga is

SaaS market

SaaS Market Will Top $241 Billion In 2020

By Kiril Kirilov | April 26, 2011

SaaS Market Independent research firm Forrester Research expects the global cloud computing market to reach $241 billion in 2020 compared to $40.7 in 2010, according to a new Forrester report called “Sizing the Cloud”. The report aims to provide insights

5 Cloud-Based Call Center Services and Solutions For Your Business

By Glenn Blake | April 5, 2011

Cloud-based Call Center Services  Global Response Global Response is a leading provider of outsourced customer contact solutions and call center services for multichannel retailers, direct response advertisers, healthcare and insurance providers, government and higher education.  Global Response offers many IVR

The Future Of Cloud Storage And Sharing

By Aaron Levie | April 2, 2011

Cloud Storage And Sharing The online (or cloud) storage business has always been a really interesting industry. When we started Box in 2005, it was a somewhat untouchable category of technology, perceived to be a commodity service with low margins

Interview: Intel Discusses Expressway Cloud Access 360

By CloudTweaks | March 28, 2011

Intel’s Cloud Access 360 Leads the Way In an exclusive interview with Intel on Friday, March 25th, spoke with Vikas Jain as a follow-up to Intel’s announced Expressway Cloud Access 360 at Cloud Connect. Vikas Jain is the Director

Cloud Computing Hardware

U.S. Authorities Grant Three Patents for Cloud Container Technology to AppZero

By Kiril Kirilov | March 3, 2011

Container Technology AppZero Massachusetts-based technology startup AppZero announced the United States Patent and Trademark Office granted the application virtualization company three patents providing critical capabilities to its cloud solutions. These patents lay the foundation for AppZero’s Cloud Container Isolation ™

email as a service

Microsoft And Google Are At It Again

By Sourya Biswas | March 1, 2011

Microsoft And Google Microsoft and Google have been at loggerheads for quite some time now. And now this animosity has spread beyond search to the cloud computing space. Last week Google launched Cloud Connect and hit Microsoft right where it

Venture Capitalists Flock To Cloud Startups

By Sourya Biswas | February 28, 2011

Venture Capitalists Flock Dell was born in a room at the University of Austin. Facebook originated from a Harvard dorm., tracing its origin to a room in the University of Southern California, may or may not become as large

How BIG Is The Cloud Computing Market?

By Sourya Biswas | February 22, 2011

The Cloud Computing Market Henry Ford, industrialist extraordinaire, knew the value of his Model T in the American market. That is why, contrary to the popular belief at that time that customers should always be provided choices, he refused to

Cloud Computing For Dummies: SaaS, PaaS and IaaS

By Sourya Biswas | February 15, 2011

Cloud Computing For Dummies There was once a time when you entered “cloud” on Google, and the results you got on the first page were of the cumulo-nimbus and cirrus varieties, in other words, those that dealt with the clouds

Cloud Computing Risks

Cloud Computing Risks (And How to Deal With Them)

By Sourya Biswas | February 8, 2011

Cloud Computing Risks  “Fear of failure must never be a reason not to try something.” – Frederick Smith, founder, chairman, president, and CEO of FedEx. There is absolutely no doubt that cloud computing is beneficial to companies looking to revolutionize