Stephane Manos, VP, Valsoft, Discusses SaaS and Venture Capital Trends

By Jennifer Klostermann / June 22, 2016

 SaaS and Venture Capital Trends Montreal is a city with a fast-growing tech sector, the high-quality but low-cost education system drawing and producing a rich assortment of talent. Already boasting a host of popular startup forums, the city’s robust infrastructure

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The Ripple Effect Of Outages And Downtime Cannot Be Underestimated

By Jeremy Daniel / April 13, 2016

Outages and Downtime CDN Performance Series Provided By Dyn The Internet is the front door to commerce in today’s always-on, global environment. An Internet Performance issue such as an outage, or severe lack of functionality from an online presence sets

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How Successful Businesses Ensure Quality Team Communication

By Jennifer Klostermann / April 7, 2016

Quality Team Communication  (Sponsored post courtesy of Hubgets) Successful team communication and collaboration are as vital to project and overall business success as the quality of products and services an organization develops. We rely on a host of business tools to

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How To Develop A Business Continuity Plan Using Internet Performance Management

By Jeremy Daniel / March 16, 2016

How To Develop A Business Continuity Plan In our previous post, we laid out the problems of business continuity and Internet Performance Management in today’s online environment. In this article, we will take a look at some of the ways

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Optimizing Digital Marketing Through Accessibility & Aesthetics

By Jennifer Klostermann / March 15, 2016

Optimizing Digital Marketing In The Cloud Marketers are constantly looking for better ways to tantalize and engage customers, and there’s no space more competitive than the digital universe. Deliberating over pleasing layouts, effective calls to action, site responsiveness, and much

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The Lurking Threat Called Passivity

By Steve Prentice / February 22, 2016

The Lurking Threat What is lurking inside your company’s systems that is making them vulnerable to attack? Hacking, phishing and other types of attacks are often considered to be externally driven, with gangs of anonymous hackers operating from halfway around

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Security: The Goodwill Virus That Keeps On Giving

By Steve Prentice / February 11, 2016

The Goodwill Virus When Caitlyn Jenner officially introduced herself to the world by way of a Vanity Fair cover story in June 2015, the event was unique not only for the groundbreaking content but in the way it was produced.

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Hybridization: A Mindset Approach

By Steve Prentice / February 3, 2016

The Social Data Cloud One of the most amazing attributes of the cloud and its related technologies is its sheer openness. New companies and ventures spring up daily, fueled, in some cases, by one single good idea. They launch first

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Bigcommerce Catapults Into 2016

By Jennifer Klostermann / February 1, 2016

Bigcommerce 2016 According to third-party research firm Ipsos, Bigcommerce boasted store growth twice as fast as the e-commerce industry average in 2015, and in-house data from “the best e-commerce platform for growing sales” showed merchants gaining a 50% year on

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Why Failure To Invest In Online Backup Could Be The Worst Business Decision You Ever Make

By Daniel Price / January 28, 2016

Failure to Invest In Online Backup Could Be Costly Success in business is a combination of many things – the right staff, the right budgeting plan, the right company culture – but also the right IT set-up. Sadly, lots of

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