AI Chips

Google and Microsoft: The Race For AI Chips

By Kiril Kirilov / August 2, 2017

The Race For AI Chips The semiconductor industry is doing well, with sales of memory and chips growing in 2017. But are current manufacturers slow to adapt to fast developing new technologies like artificial intelligence, virtual reality, and the Internet

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Fintech Dark Web

An End to Credit Cards? How the Dark Web Is Pushing Fintech Towards Blockchain

By Daniel Matthews / July 19, 2017

Dark Web Pushing Fintech Towards Blockchain As Jennifer Klosterman points out, “There are many strong reasons for reputable businesses to keep their noses clean and well out of the Dark Web.” Not the least of these reasons is the hive

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A Huge Step Forward For Britain’s Space Industry

A Huge Step Forward For Britain’s Space Industry

By Josh Hamilton / July 18, 2017

Britain’s Space Industry Given the amount of VC investment being poured into commercial space projects around the world, it seems only natural that governments of countries not necessarily associated with space travel would look to expand their capabilities as space

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small business efficiency

Cloud SaaS Providers and the Continued Growth Ahead

By Josh Hamilton / July 13, 2017

Cloud SaaS Providers According to Gartner, the worldwide public cloud services market is projected to grow by 18% this year. But the SaaS (Software as a Service) portion of the market is set to exceed that, growing by over 20%.

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managing mobile devices

Is There A Ceiling On Digital and Mobile Travel Bookings?

By Josh Hamilton / July 11, 2017

Digital and Mobile Travel Bookings Since the early 2000s, the travel industry has been overwhelmed by the rise of online and mobile booking. Up to now there was suggestions that traditional travel agents could be pushed completely out of the

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PODCAST – EPISODE 3: Showrooming, Blockchain, and the Content Your Commerce Site Needs

By Steve Prentice / June 21, 2017

CLOUDTWEAKS PODCAST It’s not your grandma’s SEO. Using content management to promote your ecommerce business is a lot different than it was a mere decade ago. It is more sophisticated and yet more subtle, incorporating outbound messages from all your

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SaaS Travel Booking Industry

SaaS Travel Booking Industry – Hotels, Air BnB, and OTAs

By Josh Hamilton / June 21, 2017

SaaS Travel Booking Industry The past few years has seen a fervent battle between Hotels, Air BnB, and Online Travel Agencies (OTAs) to become the dominant market force in accommodation bookings. Whilst Air BnB and OTAs have made a significant

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Leading Startup Accelerators

Meet Some of the Top US Startup Accelerators

By Kiril Kirilov / June 20, 2017

Top US Startup Accelerators Bootstrapping your tech startup to a global market leader is possible but most founders struggle with finding a right business and marketing model or the right mix of features for their solution. Funding a startup’s progress

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Exciting Potential of the AI Drones

AI Startups: Shift to High Level Problems or Die

By Kiril Kirilov / June 1, 2017

AI Startups AI startups enjoy unprecedented interest from venture capital investors and large corporations eager to acquire advanced technology that gives competitive edge. More than 550 AI startups managed to raise $5 billion in funding in 2016 that is all

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Large Companies Are in Bidding War for AI Startups

By Kiril Kirilov / May 31, 2017

Bidding War for AI Startups More than 200 companies developing AI technologies and algorithms are acquired across different industries since 2012, a report by CB Insights says. During the first quarter of this year a total of 34 AI companies

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