GDPR Compliance

SOC Reporting Requirements You Need to Know in a Cloud Environment

By Brad Thies / December 13, 2018

SOC Reporting Requirements Security lapses in some of the world’s biggest companies continue to appear in news headlines, and information security is top of mind for businesses. Perhaps as a result, SOC reports are becoming a standard due diligence request

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2019 Big Data and Data Science Predictions Through the Lens of Comedy Movies

By CloudBuzz / December 12, 2018

2019 Big Data and Data Science Predictions It’s that time of year again when I look into the Crystal Skull…er, ball, and make some predictions of the continuing challenges and new trends I foresee in Big Data and Data Science

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This New Antenna Can Now Support Multiple 5G Communications at Once

By Kayla Matthews / December 11, 2018

Multiple 5G Communications Although the widespread commercial rollout of the 5G network happens in 2020, numerous telecommunications companies are testing new technologies and will present 5G-related advancements in 2019. For 5G’s arrival to be successful, though, equipment must exist to

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Simplify Your Communications Migration Options: Private & Public Cloud Solutions

By Cloud Syndicate / December 10, 2018

In this post, we tackle another common challenge in migration planning – the decision to deploy sites and users on either multi-tenant or “public” cloud solutions versus dedicated, virtualized systems in “private” cloud solutions. In the communications industry, PBX vendors

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The 6 reasons why Huawei gives the US and its allies security nightmares

By CloudBuzz / December 7, 2018

The biggest fear is that China could exploit the telecom giant’s gear to wreak havoc in a crisis. he detention in Canada of Meng Wanzhou, Huawei’s CFO and the daughter of its founder, is further inflaming tensions between the US and China.

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Delivering Serverless Applications Using AWS Well-Architected Frameworks

By Cloud Syndicate / December 6, 2018

This is part 1 in a 2-part series on serverless cloud computing. Rapidly expanding connectivity options and increased development in more secure cloud infrastructures are leading organizations to research, migrate, and develop applications in the cloud. These organizations are taking

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The Power of Platforms: Driving Innovation through a Full-Stack Approach

By Ronald van Loon / December 5, 2018

It’s the world of AI that we live in currently, as everything around us is becoming automated and digitalized. The digital revolution or whatever buzzword you use to define it is upon us, and as it was predicted by many,

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How Natural Language Processing Will Change Customer Service

By CloudTweaks / December 4, 2018

Natural Language Processing Natural language processing is one subset of AI driving human-machine interactions forward. From helping with direct calls to providing robust alternatives to human workers, it holds many possibilities for customer service on both the front and back

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Alphabet’s Wing drone delivery business to take flight in Finland

By CloudBuzz / December 4, 2018

(Reuters) – Google parent Alphabet Inc’s drone delivery business Wing will launch its first European delivery service in Finland in the spring of 2019, it said in a statement on Tuesday. Wing was spun out of Alphabet’s X research division

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Dean of Big Data’s Favorite Infographic Picks of 2018

By Bill Schmarzo / December 3, 2018

Big Data Infographics My last University of San Francisco School of Management class of the semester is coming up this week. However instead of a normally boring presentation from me to cap the semester, we are going to review a

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