How Can Cloud IDEs Save Your Business Process Time?

By CloudTweaks / January 24, 2013

Cloud IDEs Cloud computing is definitely among the most dynamically developing industries in IT. It’s also definitely the one that promises to surprise the global IT community with new technologies, tools and services. Cloud hosting, document management and data storage

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Security In The Cloud – Maintaining A Secure Environment

By CloudTweaks / January 24, 2013

Maintaining A Secure Environment One of the most prevalent points brought up by skeptics of cloud computing is the integrity of the security for said systems. Different reservations are held against different models of cloud computing, in particular for public

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Computing as a Service

Computing as a Service and the Effects On Network Management

By CloudTweaks / January 21, 2013

Computing as a Service Network Management The delivery of computing as a service, or cloud computing, over a network is becoming more and more mainstream and is allowing businesses of all sizes to get their applications up and running faster, with

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On-Demand Software Testing

On-Demand Software Testing Moves To The Cloud

By CloudTweaks / January 15, 2013

On-Demand Software Testing Although the cloud has become a standard delivery model for many hosted software applications, cloud-based software testing is just hitting its stride. Cloud-based software testing makes test environments and tools accessible to companies that lack the resources,

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Are Leading Tech Companies A Threat To Older Tech

By Sharon Florentine / January 7, 2013

Leading Tech Companies Almost exactly a year ago, The Informational Data Corporation (IDC) made some pretty bold predictions regarding cloud computing companies and the development of a new high-tech industry in the convergence of social networking, and cloud-based computing and

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Benefits Of Cloud-Based Disaster Recovery

By CloudTweaks / December 19, 2012

Cloud-Based Disaster Recovery Developing a proper disaster recovery plan is quite a challenging task for any type of organization, especially small and medium business segments. When a disaster strikes your business, restoring it can be a really arduous task. Many companies are

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Stuck In The Clouds: The Issue Of Data Ownership

By Bob Greenlees / November 16, 2012

The Issue Of Data Ownership While the immediate benefits of cloud services are typically clear to new users, individuals and businesses alike are becoming increasingly aware of a looming issue: vendor lock-in. As these users amass large amounts of data in

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 What Is Hosted PBX?

Five Reasons Why Hosted PBX Makes Good Business Sense

By CloudTweaks / November 7, 2012

 What Is Hosted PBX? If you’re in the market for a new phone system or want to upgrade your existing phone system, you should definitely check out what hosted PBX solutions have to offer. Unlike traditional PBX systems that consist

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Cloud Security Checklist

Cloud Security Checklist and How to Prevent Being a Target

By CloudTweaks / October 5, 2012

Cloud Security Checklist This article provides a quick cloud security checklist which will hopefully provide an extra level of protection. While we are all very happy about the entire cloud data storage concept. Cloud computing security is an area of

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Lets Start With Some Cloud Technology Myths Explained

By CloudTweaks / October 3, 2012

Cloud Technology Myths Explained Cloud computing services and related developments are definitely changing the way we network, collaborate, consume information and deploy applications. Businesses are now demanding more from service providers and cloud computing is more prominent across various industries.

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