Who, if anyone, is in charge of multi-cloud business optimization?

By Dana Gardner | January 31, 2019

The next BriefingsDirect composable cloud strategies interview explores how changes in business organization and culture demand a new approach to leadership over such functions as hybrid and multi-cloud procurement and optimization. We’ll now hear from an IT industry analyst about the forces reshaping the consumption

Exploit the Economics of Artificial Intelligence with Design Thinking and Data Science

By Bill Schmarzo | January 29, 2019

Economics of Artificial Intelligence In my most recent blog “Design Thinking Humanizes Data Science”, I discussed how Design Thinking and Data Science complement each other.  They are not just two sides of the same coin, but the same side of the

10 Enterprise Analytics Trends to Look Out For in 2019

By Ronald van Loon | January 28, 2019

10 Enterprise Analytics Trends Today’s intelligent world requires more from businesses then they have ever had to deliver. Prioritizing and implementing analytics doesn’t cut it anymore – organizations have to step out of their comfort zones and think differently about

Survey: The State of Enterprise IT Infrastructure and Security in 2018

By CloudBuzz | January 28, 2019

The State of Enterprise IT Infrastructure and Security When it comes to cloud adoption, there’s a common misconception that many of today’s enterprises are already operating IT in the cloud. While cloud infrastructure is certainly on the rise, the reality

Leading Multicloud Strategies

What’s Ahead for Cloud in 2019

By CloudTweaks | January 25, 2019

The Cloud In 2019 2018 was an incredible time for cloud. Its impact on customer experiences, business processes and models, and workforce innovations was undeniable. We saw more and more use cases where customers started leveraging multiple clouds to enable

A.I.: Confused? Worried? Try Finland!

By John Pientka | January 24, 2019

Artificial Intelligence (A.I.) – They say it’s inevitable. Are you worried it will take your job? Do you even understand what it is? The Finns are taking the bull by the horns. Their first goal is that 1% of the

How cloud-based business management can help an SMB go global

By Kevin Ovalle | January 22, 2019

Global SMB Business Management Most companies today are familiar with the cloud; using software-as-a-service (SaaS) apps and customer relationship management (CRM) for years. However, many businesses are now running the whole show from the cloud using the opportunity to drive

3 Ways How AI Will Augment the Human Workforce

By Ronald van Loon | January 21, 2019

The question in the AI market is no longer about whether AI can affect the workplace and the human workforce. Instead, the raging curiosity in the market revolves around a series of interlinked questions: When will the AI Wave happen?

6 Best Practices For Increasing Security In AWS In A Zero Trust World

By Louis Columbus | January 17, 2019

AWS Security Best Practices Enterprises are rapidly accelerating the pace at which they’re moving workloads to Amazon Web Services (AWS) for greater cost, scale and speed advantages. And while AWS leads all others as the enterprise public cloud platform of choice, they

Cyber Criminals Caught! Ah No, More Like Just Identified. Sigh!

By John Pientka | January 16, 2019

Cyber Criminals Caught It’s that time when we look back on the past year. In 2018, Atlanta was a victim of a cyber attack. It fought back rather than pay ransom and spent millions. The FBI has identified the malevolent

Addressing Third-Party Security Vulnerabilities in 2019

By Kayla Matthews | January 15, 2019

Third-Party Security Vulnerabilities Organizations and businesses often spend a lot of time worrying about internal security, both online and off. Infrastructure is often put in place with security front and center, as a means to mitigate potential risks and data

What We Can Learn about AI and Creating Smart Products from “The Incredibles”

By Bill Schmarzo | January 14, 2019

Creating Smart Products from “The Incredibles” Nothing strikes terror into the hearts of humans more than the idea of an intelligent robot gone bad.  The fear is that a robot can acquire the ability to learn and adapt to the point