How the Cloud Is Improving DNA Sequencing

By Kayla Matthews / November 17, 2016

DNA Sequencing For many of us, the cloud is part of our daily lives. We use these virtual storage servers to hold our pictures, our memories and our work documents, just to name a few. Cloud storage is also making

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Is Machine Learning The Future? Making Your Data Scientists Obsolete

By Guha Ramasubramanian / November 16, 2016

Is Machine Learning The Future? In a recent study, almost all the businesses surveyed stated that big data analytics were fundamental to their business strategies. Although the field of computer and information research scientists is growing faster than any other

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Max Contributor

Zero-Rating and Data Consumption

By Max Azarov / November 15, 2016

Zero-Rating The ordinary mobile user often feels the need to backup their personal files only after they’ve lost it. It’s almost a cliché where a grad student loses their research because a laptop was lost or the father who loses

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What Is Net Neutrality And Why Is It So Important?

By Josh Hamilton / November 15, 2016

What Is Net Neutrality? Net neutrality is a concept that has been the centre of a lot of debates recently, it is based on the idea that all internet traffic should be treated equally by your internet service provider. The

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IoT, Smart Cities and the Future

By Shahid Mansuri / November 15, 2016

Smarter IoT When we use the term smart cities, a series of frames begin to run in front of our very eyes. The reason behind this is pretty simple; over the last few years, the definition of a ‘SMART CITY’

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Combining IoT Gizmo Kits With Your 3D Printer

By Scott Andersen / November 14, 2016

IoT and 3D Printing The 3D printer in my cubicle keeps printing name tags without my name and only cube number instead—should I be worried about this? Imagine a future where an “organizational” 3D printer is stationed in every cube.

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The Lighter Side Of The Cloud – Direct Reporting

By David / November 11, 2016

By David Fletcher Please feel free to share our comics via social media networks such as Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram, Pinterest. Clear attribution (Twitter example: via @cloudtweaks) to our original comic sources is greatly appreciated.

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The Cloud Isn’t a Security Issue; It’s a Security Opportunity

By Chris Gervais / November 10, 2016

Security Issue In order to stay ahead in today’s competitive business landscape, companies need to constantly innovate. Development teams must continually release new products, features or services and cloud technology, along with agile development practices, make this perpetual iterating feasible.

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Understanding Cloud Pricing Models

Progressions and Predictions of Marketing Technology

By Jennifer Klostermann / November 10, 2016

Predictions of Marketing Technology In Gartner’s 2015 Data-Driven Marketing Survey we saw three new technologies entering the hype cycle, Predictive B2B Marketing, Ad Blocking, and Mobile Wallet. Further, the 2016 Hype Cycle for Digital Marketing and Advertising suggested that the

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Why An Inside-Out Approach to Cloud Security Is Your Safest Bet

By Chris Gervais / November 9, 2016

Cloud Security In September, McKinsey released what might be looked back upon as a seminal survey. It opened the report with a simple, powerful declaration: “The cloud debate is over.” The data told a story that the pace of IT

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