Cloud Computing Setup For Business

Cloud Infographic – Disaster Recovery

By CloudTweaks / March 9, 2014

Disaster Recovery Business downtime can be detrimental without a proper disaster recovery plan in place. Only 6% of businesses that experience downtime without a plan will survive long term. Less than half of all businesses that experience a disaster are

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Green Technology In Finland Innovation

By Daniel Price / February 25, 2014

Green Technology Finland Last week we touched upon how a project in Finland had blended two of the world’s most important industries, cloud computing and green technology, to produce a data centre that used nearby sea water to both cool their

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Data centres

Unusual Clandestine Cloud Data Centre Service Locations

By Daniel Price / February 17, 2014

Unusual Clandestine Cloud Data Centres Everyone knows what the cloud is, but does everybody know where the cloud is? We try to answer that as we look at some of the most unusual data centre locations in the world. Under

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Cloud Infographic – Cloud Public, Private & Hybrid Differences

By CloudTweaks / January 29, 2014

Cloud Public, Private & Hybrid Differences Many people have heard of cloud computing. There is however a tremendous number of people who still cannot differentiate between Public, Private & Hybrid cloud offerings.  Here is an excellent infographic provided by the

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Cloud Classroom

The Education Revolution: Cloud Technology In The Classroom

By Steve Prentice / September 9, 2013

Technology In The Classroom With the back-to-school season now upon us, parents, students and teachers everywhere are once again struggling with the perpetual challenge of making kids job-ready in a high-speed and fast-changing environment. There is little doubt in anyone’s

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Cloud Infographic: Programming Languages To Build Your Cloud

By CloudTweaks / April 16, 2013

Programming Languages What programming languages are the building blocks to help develop and facilitate these present and future cloud platforms? Where can we learn and develop these skills in order to help us build our own careers? A couple of

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The Future Of Cloud Storage And Sharing

By Aaron Levie / April 2, 2011

Cloud Storage And Sharing The online (or cloud) storage business has always been a really interesting industry. When we started Box in 2005, it was a somewhat untouchable category of technology, perceived to be a commodity service with low margins

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