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Big Data Skills

Breaking Down The Big Data – Top Job Skills

By Jennifer Klostermann | December 2, 2015

Big Data – Top Job Skills For those in the tech arena – and let’s face it, we’re all in the tech arena somehow – a few abilities are topping all of the must-have skills lists. Inc. points to the

10 Trending US Cities For Tech Jobs And Startups

By Penny Swift | August 12, 2015

10 Trending US Cities For Tech Jobs And Startups Traditionally actors headed for Hollywood while techies made a beeline for Silicon Valley. But times are changing, and with technological job opportunities expanding, new hotspots are emerging that offer fantastic opportunities

5 Tips For Building A High Growth IT Platform

By Marc Malizia | July 17, 2015

5 Tips For Building a High Growth IT Platform Building and maintaining today’s enterprise computing platforms is a lot more challenging than it was in the past. The competitive and fast moving nature of business requires a corporate network capable

10 Prototyping Tools To Help Build Your Startup

By CloudTweaks | May 20, 2015

Prototyping Tools We are continuing this week by focusing on startup tools, tips and tweaks that will help you build, design, manage and market your way into the cloud based business that you want to be. Last week we offered a

5 Companies That Took On The Small Business Cloud – And Won

By Gary Gould | May 12, 2015

The Small Business Cloud We take a look at 5 world-leading tech companies that have brought ground-breaking new cloud services to SMEs  Plenty of organisations have broken into new markets with innovative cloud-based products. Discover which companies have successfully taken

cloud trends

Top Ten Strategic Tech Trends for 2015-2020

By Jason Sander | February 11, 2015

Top Ten Strategic Tech Trends for 2015-2020 We’ve discussed the hottest 2015 trends in cloud computing, driverless cars and robot dogs, but what about the tech industry overall in upcoming years? Marketing Profs has put out an interesting Infographic discovered via Lireo

Essential Cloud Skills

5 Essential Cloud Skills That Could Make Or Break Your IT Career

By Jason Sander | February 2, 2015

Essential Cloud Skills Cloud technology has completely changed the infrastructure and internal landscape of both small businesses and large corporations alike. No professionals in any industry understand this better than IT pros. In a cutthroat field like IT, candidates have

Big Data Companies, Big Business: Top 100 Heavy Hitters

By Jason Sander | January 23, 2015

Top Big Data Companies Our current technology is advancing so rapidly, sometimes we need to invent new ways to just keep up with things. Enter Big Data. Big data just means data so gigantic or complex that it can’t be

5 Reasons Why The U.S. Dominates The Digital World!

By Johan Christenson | January 20, 2015

U.S. Dominates The Digital World! I have spent about half my working life in the US and the other half in Europe. During this time (25 years) it has been exciting to see digital trends over the years. There has

4 Different Types of Attacks – Understanding the “Insider Threat”

By Cloud Syndicate | January 19, 2015

Understanding the “Insider Threat” The revelations that last month’s Sony hack was likely caused by a disgruntled former employee have put a renewed spotlight on the insider threat. The insider threat first received attention after Edward Snowden began to release

5 Signs The Internet of Things Is About To Explode

By Daniel Price | December 8, 2014

The Internet of Things By 2020, Gartner estimates that the Internet of Things (IoT) will generate incremental revenue exceeding $300 billion worldwide. It’s an astoundingly large figure given that the sector barely existed three years ago. We are now rapidly

Cloud Computing Education Growth

5 Surprising Ways Cloud Computing is Changing Education

By Sameer Bhatia | December 3, 2014

Cloud Computing Education The benefits of cloud computing are being recognized in businesses and educational institutions across the board, with almost 90 percent of organizations currently using some kind of cloud-based application. The immediate benefits of cloud computing are obvious: