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5 Mistakes That Adversely Impact Seamless Cloud Migration

By Stan Roach | November 4, 2014

There is absolutely no doubt migrating a section of your IT assets, non-core business processes or the entire spectrum of business systems to the cloud makes immense sense. There are plenty of business benefits linked to cloud computing; most astute

What Are Cloud Access Security Brokers (CASBs)?

By Cloud Syndicate | October 9, 2014

What Are Cloud Access Security Brokers? “Security is, I would say, our top priority because for all the exciting things you will be able to do with computers – organizing your lives, staying in touch with people, being creative – if

9 Mistakes To Avoid When Choosing A Cloud

By CloudTweaks | October 2, 2014

9 Mistakes to Avoid When Choosing a Cloud According to Gartner, 50% of enterprises will adopt a hybrid cloud by 2017. While the benefits are too compelling to ignore, every mix of private, public, and hybrid cloud infrastructure comes with

5 Products That Will Take Off Due To Cloud Growth

By Lauris Veips | August 26, 2014

5 Products That Will Take Off Due To Cloud Growth Historically, numerous new products, services and job openings accompany successful inventions. Take software development, for example — the niche all but didn’t exist before the advance of PCs. Cloud computing

Prepare Your IT Staff For Automation

Four Key Steps To Prepare Your IT Staff For Automation

By CloudTweaks | August 8, 2014

Prepare Your IT Staff For Automation Mind the gap between the vision of automation and the reality Automation of IT procedures and services holds the promise of bringing tremendous efficiencies to the organization. Being able to deploy automatically, update, and

How To Get Your Apps Ready For The Cloud

By CloudTweaks | July 15, 2014

How To Get Your Apps Ready For The Cloud Unless you’ve just started a brand-new organization, your IT environment is currently running a diverse collection of last-generation and older applications that were deployed with the one-application-per-server approach that unleashed the

Alternatives To Skype

Cloud-Based VOIP – 4 Alternatives To Skype

By Daniel Price | May 1, 2014

Alternatives To Skype Skype is the most popular cloud-based VOIP service. Since being bought out by Microsoft for $8.5 billion in 2011 the company has grown to more than 300 million users and now accounts for 34% of all international

10 Cloud-Based Music Apps

By Daniel Price | April 1, 2014

10 Music Apps  As we recently discussed on CloudTweaks, there is a debate around whether it is still necessary to save music files locally. The majority of both artists and consumers now exclusively use electronic means to engage with their

10 Innovative Cloud-Based Start-ups

By Daniel Price | March 24, 2014

Innovative Cloud-Based Start-ups The growth of cloud computing over the last five years has seen a rapid increase in the number of start-up companies in the sector. Many of these start-ups are doing unique things that are changing the landscape

Green Energy Hosting Services

10 Green Energy Hosting Services For Your Business

By Daniel Price | March 18, 2014

Green Energy Hosting Services With the IT industry now accounting for more than ten percent of global electricity consumption, and data centres alone accounting for almost two percent, the pressure is on businesses to use the greenest possible cloud computing

10 Excellent Cloud Applications For SMEs

By Daniel Price | March 13, 2014

Cloud Applications For SMEs Cloud applications and services are rapidly replacing traditional desktop apps in the workplace. To new users the number of apps available can be overwhelming, with hundreds of choices on everything from CRM software to Budget Management.

Cloud portfolio management

Moving Beyond Cloud Management To Cloud Portfolio Management

By Bret Clement | February 24, 2014

Cloud Portfolio Management Virtually every enterprise will be leveraging a portfolio of public and private clouds – whether by strategy or circumstance. In the 2013 – State of the Cloud survey, RightScale found that larger organizations are choosing multi–cloud (77