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5 Reasons Why The U.S. Dominates The Digital World!

By Johan Christenson / January 20, 2015

U.S. Dominates The Digital World! I have spent about half my working life in the US and the other half in Europe. During this time (25 years) it has been exciting to see digital trends over the years. There has

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4 Different Types of Attacks – Understanding the “Insider Threat”

By Cloud Syndicate / January 19, 2015

Understanding the “Insider Threat” The revelations that last month’s Sony hack was likely caused by a disgruntled former employee have put a renewed spotlight on the insider threat. The insider threat first received attention after Edward Snowden began to release

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5 Signs The Internet of Things Is About To Explode

By Daniel Price / December 8, 2014

The Internet of Things By 2020, Gartner estimates that the Internet of Things (IoT) will generate incremental revenue exceeding $300 billion worldwide. It’s an astoundingly large figure given that the sector barely existed three years ago. We are now rapidly

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Cloud Computing Education Growth

5 Surprising Ways Cloud Computing is Changing Education

By Sameer Bhatia / December 3, 2014

Cloud Computing Education The benefits of cloud computing are being recognized in businesses and institutions across the board, with almost 90 percent of organizations currently using some kind of cloud-based application. The immediate benefits of cloud computing are obvious: cloud-based

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5 Mistakes That Adversely Impact Seamless Cloud Migration

By Stan Roach / November 4, 2014

There is absolutely no doubt migrating a section of your IT assets, non-core business processes or the entire spectrum of business systems to the cloud makes immense sense. There are plenty of business benefits linked to cloud computing; most astute

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Cloud Infographic – What Are Cloud Access Security Brokers (CASBs)?

By Cloud Syndicate / October 9, 2014

What Are Cloud Access Security Brokers? “Security is, I would say, our top priority because for all the exciting things you will be able to do with computers – organizing your lives, staying in touch with people, being creative – if

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9 Mistakes To Avoid When Choosing A Cloud

By CloudTweaks / October 2, 2014

9 Mistakes to Avoid When Choosing a Cloud According to Gartner, 50% of enterprises will adopt a hybrid cloud by 2017. While the benefits are too compelling to ignore, every mix of private, public, and hybrid cloud infrastructure comes with

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5 Products That Will Take Off Due To Cloud Growth

By Lauris Veips / August 26, 2014

5 Products That Will Take Off Due To Cloud Growth Historically, numerous new products, services and job openings accompany successful inventions. Take software development, for example — the niche all but didn’t exist before the advance of PCs. Cloud computing

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Four Key Steps To Prepare Your IT Staff For Automation

By CloudTweaks / August 8, 2014

Four Key Steps To Prepare Your IT Staff For Automation Mind the gap between the vision of automation and the reality Automation of IT procedures and services holds the promise of bringing tremendous efficiencies to the organization. Being able to

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How To Get Your Apps Ready For The Cloud

By CloudTweaks / July 15, 2014

How To Get Your Apps Ready For The Cloud Unless you’ve just started a brand-new organization, your IT environment is currently running a diverse collection of last-generation and older applications that were deployed with the one-application-per-server approach that unleashed the

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