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Sharon Florentine

Are Leading Tech Companies A Threat To Older Tech

By Sharon Florentine | January 7, 2013

Leading Tech Companies Almost exactly a year ago, The Informational Data Corporation (IDC) made some pretty bold predictions regarding cloud computing companies and the development of a new high-tech industry in the convergence of social networking, and cloud-based computing and

Gavin Hill

The Great Arms Race For Security: Virtualization

By Gavin Hill | November 19, 2012

The Great Arms Race For Security Since its infancy in the early seventies when the first computer virus was created, the malware and anti-malware business has grown into multi-billion dollar industries. No longer are script kiddies creating malware for notoriety,

Bob Greenlees

Online concerns: The Issue Of Data Ownership

By Bob Greenlees | November 16, 2012

The Issue Of Data Ownership While the immediate benefits of cloud services are typically clear to new users, individuals and businesses alike are becoming increasingly aware of a looming issue: vendor lock-in. As these users amass large amounts of data in

Mat Ellis

CIOs surveyed said they’ll be spending more on SaaS

By Mat Ellis | July 9, 2012

CIOs Spending More On SaaS The cloud has radically shifted the definition of software since the early days of computing, when it was once generally thought of as a program that came to us on a disc. The disc would

Alex Heneveld

Cloudy Apps: New Challenges And Complexities

By Alex Heneveld | May 29, 2012

Cloudy Apps New technologies often simplify some aspect of life, an aspect which was previously painful. But then, as soon as it is adopted, a technology presents new challenges and new complexities. With cloud computing, you can get a new