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The Lighter Side Of The Cloud – Google vs Microsoft

By David | March 3, 2011

How AI technology can create new jobs

By Sourya Biswas | March 3, 2011

How Cloud Computing Can Create Jobs As Peter Drucker wrote, new technologies do not reduce employment; they simply raise the level of skill required to be employed. Those who can change, prosper; those who can’t, have to settle for low-paying

Cloud Computing Hardware

U.S. Authorities Grant Three Patents for Cloud Container Technology to AppZero

By Kiril Kirilov | March 3, 2011

Container Technology AppZero Massachusetts-based technology startup AppZero announced the United States Patent and Trademark Office granted the application virtualization company three patents providing critical capabilities to its cloud solutions. These patents lay the foundation for AppZero’s Cloud Container Isolation ™

Real Estate and Technology

By Sourya Biswas | March 2, 2011

Real Estate and Technology A recent report released by the Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors (RICS) in the UK set me thinking about the potential of cloud computing in the real estate market. If there’s one professional who would really

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Microsoft And Google Are At It Again

By Sourya Biswas | March 1, 2011

Microsoft And Google Microsoft and Google have been at loggerheads for quite some time now. And now this animosity has spread beyond search to the cloud computing space. Last week Google launched Cloud Connect and hit Microsoft right where it

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is the Tech Stock Market Overvalued?

By Sourya Biswas | March 1, 2011

Tech Stock Market If one were looking for lessons in creating wealth by investing in cloud computing stocks, there can be no better teacher than Warren Buffett. In fact, I would venture that he is the guru of value investing,

Venture Capitalists’ Internet Of Things

Venture Capitalists Flock To Cloud Startups

By Sourya Biswas | February 28, 2011

Venture Capitalists Flock Dell was born in a room at the University of Austin. Facebook originated from a Harvard dorm., tracing its origin to a room in the University of Southern California, may or may not become as large

The Lighter Side Of The Cloud – The Consultant

By David | February 25, 2011

Cloud Computing Adoption Can Generate EUR 763 Billion in Europe by 2015, Cloud Dividend Report

By Kiril Kirilov | February 24, 2011

Cloud Computing Adoption Can Generate EUR 763 Billion in Europe by 2015, Cloud Dividend Report Cloud-based solutions and adoption of cloud computing could generate up to EUR 763 billion in economic benefit in the five largest European economies by 2015,

The Lighter Side Of The Cloud – Heavy Metal

By David | February 24, 2011

How Can Technology Help In Education?

By Sourya Biswas | February 23, 2011

Can Cloud Computing Help In Education? Whenever we talk of cloud computing, we always talk about its impact on business. In all my previous articles, I have done the same, speaking about how cloud computing can improve efficiencies, cut costs,

How BIG Is The Cloud Computing Market?

By Sourya Biswas | February 22, 2011

The Cloud Computing Market Henry Ford, industrialist extraordinaire, knew the value of his Model T in the American market. That is why, contrary to the popular belief at that time that customers should always be provided choices, he refused to