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Gary Bernstein

WordPress Website Security, Speed, And Stability: Maintenance Cost of WordPress Website

By Gary Bernstein | July 8, 2022

WordPress Website Security You’ve spent time, effort, and money building your website, so don’t let it become outdated and run-down by not taking proper care of it. Here are tips on WordPress Website security, speed, and stability to ensure you

Rahul Subramanyam

Episode 18: Fixing AWS: The CloudFix Story 

By Steve Prentice | July 6, 2022

Fixing AWS: The CloudFix Story A conversation with Rahul Subramanyam. CEO at CloudFix, and CTO at ESW Capital AWS is huge, but it’s not perfect. Because of its size and its approach to innovation there are many areas that need

Rajesh Khanna

Creating a smart field workforce with an AI-powered video guide

By Rajesh Khanna | July 5, 2022

Creating AI-powered video guide Field services are integral to ensuring business continuity for service providers. However, inefficiencies in field service significantly increase the operational costs. One of the major reasons for inefficient field service is repeat site visits or rework,

Gary Bernstein

The Benefits of Cloud Computing in the HR Industry

By Gary Bernstein | July 1, 2022

Cloud Benefits in the HR Industry Cloud computing is the delivery of services like software and databases using the internet. These services are available at affordable rates and help businesses lower operating costs. Cloud computing is an old concept globally,

Dan Teichman

Navigating The Transition to Cloud-Native Communications  

By Dan Teichman | June 30, 2022

Cloud-Native Communications Historically, Communication Service Providers (CSPs) networks ran on purpose-built hardware. However, in the early 2000s organizations started to update their infrastructure, moving to virtualization. Now, providers are looking to take the next step, and cloud-native models are becoming