Cloud Computing

The Path to the Cloud: A Look at Different Approaches to Cloud Migration

By James Kessinger / February 24, 2017

Different Approaches to Cloud Migration The public cloud has gained considerable momentum this past decade. Concerns about cost and security have largely been put to rest as AWS, Azure and newcomers like Google have surged. When it comes to launching

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The Lighter Side Of The Cloud – Mixed Messages

By Christian Mirra / February 24, 2017

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Top Cloud IPOs To Watch For In 2017

By Kiril Kirilov / February 23, 2017

Top cloud IPOs A number of large cloud companies are set for IPO in 2017, with one of them – Mulesoft – suggesting it can go public as early as March with an offering worth some $100 million. Other possible

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Cloud Email Security Concerns

The Deep and Dark Web

By Jennifer Klostermann / February 22, 2017

The Dark Web The Deep and Dark Web, hidden in the depths of the internet, sounds like something out of a nail-biting thriller, but is, in fact, a very real part of our world. Just as drug cartels and human

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How To Be Data Compliant When Using The Cloud

By Vidya Phalke / February 22, 2017

Data compliant Companies using the cloud for data storage, applications hosting or anything else, have to carefully consider data compliance. Governance, risk management and compliance professionals, as well as managers of information security, need to have a clear understanding (and

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GreenTech and the Corporate Social Responsibility

By Josh Hamilton / February 22, 2017

A Corporate Culture Of Green In today’s business culture there is a new type of corporate strategy emerging, one that is becoming particularly prevalent in Silicon Valley – Corporate Social Responsibility. These green credentials are becoming increasingly more important for

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Ransomware, Backups and the Aging IT Specialist

By Daniel Matthews / February 21, 2017

Small Business Cloud Right now, two technology trends characterize the small business ecosystem: a growing migration to the cloud, and a growing susceptibility to cybercrime, particularly in the form of ransomware. Recently, I discovered this duality firsthand. Stranded at the

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Blockchain Across All Industries

By Jennifer Klostermann / February 21, 2017

Blockchain Industries Blockchain, typically understood as the technology that powers the virtual currency bitcoin, in fact, provides market applications far beyond cryptocurrencies. It’s expected that the fintech industry will be the first area in which we’re likely to see the

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Security Risks Lurk Behind Corporate Wearables Adoption

By Kiril Kirilov / February 21, 2017

Security risks and wearables adoption Wearables makers were expected to sell 274.6 million devices in 2016, according to a Gartner report. Nearly three quarters of millennials, 71 percent, say their companies should give them wearables like smart watches or smart

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5 Recommendations for Effective Governance, Risk and Compliance Management

By Vibhav Agarwal / February 20, 2017

Effective Governance, Risk and Compliance Cloud adoption continues to grow, which is evident from the fact that annual 2016 revenues for cloud vendors were “within touching distance” of $150 billion. Gartner also predicts that, a corporate ‘no-cloud’ policy will be

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