Chinese face-swap app triggers privacy fears after going viral

By CloudBuzz | September 2, 2019

Zao lets users superimpose themselves on to celebrities but critics warn of data threat A new Chinese app that lets users swap their faces with celebrities, sports stars or anyone else in a video clip racked up millions of downloads

The drama surrounding Google and Huawei’s new phone – explained

By CloudBuzz | August 31, 2019

Mate 30 won’t have licensed access to any Google apps, thanks to ongoing dispute between US and the Chinese smartphone maker Huawei, the number two smartphone maker in the world, will launch its next flagship device without licensed access to the number


Everything We Know About the Capital One Hacking Case So Far

By Wired | August 30, 2019

A new indictment against alleged Capital One hacker Paige Thompson includes a few fresh details about the case At the end of July, the FBI and Capital One disclosed that the bank had suffered a massive data breach just a

Apple apologises for allowing workers to listen to Siri recordings

By CloudBuzz | August 29, 2019

Contractors graded accidental activations including recordings of users having sex Apple has apologised for allowing contractors to listen to voice recordings of Siri users in order to grade them. The company made the announcement after it completed a review of

Aarti Parikh

Serverless Multi-Tier Architecture on AWS

By Aarti Parikh | August 29, 2019

Serverless Multi-Tier Architecture Multi-tier Architecture Multi-tier Architecture is also known as n-tier architecture. In such architecture, an application is developed and distributed in more than one layer. The number of layers depend on business requirements but three tier architecture is

Ireland’s Commitment to Cybersecurity

By CloudBuzz | August 29, 2019

I recently visited Dublin, where I met with government and business leaders who are keen on innovating in cybersecurity. It is clear that Irish organizations of all types recognise there is a need for change, that the status quo on

Tech Crunch

Facebook will require political advertisers provide further credentials, or have their ads paused

By Tech Crunch | August 28, 2019

Ahead of the 2020 elections, Facebook today announced it’s tightening requirements for groups buying political ads on the social network. The company last year began requiring advertisers get authorized to run ads about social issues, elections, or politics, which involves advertisers


IT Professionals: Use the Security Skills Shortage to Your Advantage

By CloudBuzz | August 27, 2019

A cybersecurity skills shortage is expected to result in 3.5 million unfilled positions by 2021. Research from ESG finds 51% of organizations believe they have a “problematic shortage” of cybersecurity skills – an increase of 7% year-over-year. Clearly, the skills gap

Sam Bowman

Medical Data in the Cloud: What Are the Risks?

By Sam Bowman | August 27, 2019

Medical Data in the Cloud Executive-level healthcare leaders must have a thorough understanding of cloud-based security risks. Patient data can vary from simple information such as height and weight to complex genetic markers that can predict the likelihood of developing

Cisco News

Findings from Gartner’s Market Guide for Email Security 2019

By Cisco | August 26, 2019

Gartner’s Market Guide for Email Security 2019 reaffirms that an increasing number of organizations are migrating their email platforms to the cloud. According to Gartner, “by 2021, Gartner expects 70% of public and private companies to be using cloud email


Customers Will Recover From Downtime. But Will Your Business?

By Steve Prentice | August 26, 2019

Downtime Recovery Today’s society relies heavily on being connected to service providers. The ability of a business to transact or provide services online is now just as important as the products they offer, or the price they advertise. Retail shopping,


The Collaborative Alliance to Develop New Cybersecurity Council

By CloudBuzz | August 26, 2019

(ISC)² is a member of The Collaborative Alliance for Cybersecurity, a consortium of organisations that represent a substantial part of the cybersecurity community in the UK. As part of the Alliance, we will be participating in the design and delivery

Tech Crunch

Google, Mozilla team up to block Kazakhstan’s browser spying tactics

By Tech Crunch | August 21, 2019

Google and Mozilla have taken the rare step of blocking an untrusted certificate issued by the Kazakhstan government, which critics say it forced its citizens to install as part of an effort to monitor their internet traffic. The two browser


Most Cyber Workers Plan to See Out Their Careers in the Field

By CloudBuzz | August 20, 2019

Recruiting cybersecurity professionals is a major challenge because of the scarcity of qualified candidates, but at least employers don’t have to worry about them wanting to change professions. Most cybersecurity workers (64%) plan to finish out their careers in cybersecurity,


How malformed packets caused CenturyLink’s 37-hour, nationwide outage

By Ars Technica | August 20, 2019

CenturyLink’s nationwide, 37-hour outage in December 2018 disrupted 911 service for millions of Americans and prevented completion of at least 886 calls to 911, a new Federal Communications Commission report said. Back in December, FCC Chairman Ajit Pai called the


Hackers breach 20 Texas government agencies in ransomware cyber attack

By CloudBuzz | August 19, 2019

State officials say they are responding to a coordinated ransomware attack that has affected at least 20 government agencies throughout Texas. The state’s Department of Information Resources is leading the response to the breach, assisted by the Division of Emergency


Facebook’s Voice Transcripts Were More Invasive Than Amazon’s – WIRED

By Wired | August 17, 2019

The tail end of the Defcon hacking conference this week saw a remote car-start dongle and app that could have been hacked to steal cars, along with a drone hacking a smart TV. Oh, also, researchers have found a way

Capital One Cyber Staff Raised Concerns Before Hack

By CloudBuzz | August 16, 2019

Cybersecurity employees reported what they saw as staffing issues and other problems to bank’s internal auditors, human-resources department and other senior executives Before a giant data breach at Capital One Financial Corp. COF 0.26% , employees raised concerns within the

Louis Columbus

Why AI Is The Future Of Cybersecurity

By Louis Columbus | August 16, 2019

Future Of Cybersecurity 61% of enterprises say they cannot detect breach attempts today without the use of AI technologies. 48% say their budgets for AI in cybersecurity will increase by an average of 29% in Fiscal Year (FY) 2020. Breach


700,000 Choice Hotels records leaked in data breach, ransom demanded

By CloudBuzz | August 15, 2019

Researchers found the unsecured database, but hackers got there first 700,000 records belonging to Choice Hotels have reportedly been stolen with hackers demanding payment for their return. Comparitech, in collaboration with security researcher Bob Diachenko, found an unsecured database containing data


Ronald van Loon

Digital Supply Chain: Connecting the Dots of Design to Operate SCM Processes

The supply chain of today is governed by the manufacturer, wholesaler, retailer, and businesses operating in between. Not only has ...
Daren Glenister

Turn to the Cloud as Part of Your Data Breach Strategy

Data Breach Strategy The latest Verizon Data Breach Investigations Report is out, and the verdict is in: data breaches are ...
Emerging Technologies To Lookout For

Emerging Technologies To Lookout For

Emerging Technologies The entire world is being transformed right before our eyes. Emerging technologies are developing at break-neck speeds, and the ...
How Big Data Can Empower Native Ads

How Big Data Can Empower Native Ads

Empower Native Ads The realm of big data is expanding an astonishing rate, and its presence can be felt across ...
Get Ready For Virtual Reality and the Cloud

Get Ready For Virtual Reality and the Cloud

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