Wikileaks: Was Amazon’s action justified?

By Sourya Biswas | January 3, 2011

Wikileaks: Was Amazon’s action justified? Wikileaks has been grabbing headlines across the globe, and has divided the world into those who laud it for standing up to free speech and others who decry it as detrimental to the national security

Server Virtualization: Its Challenges and Benefits

By Cloud Syndicate | December 31, 2010

Server Virtualization The adoption of server virtualization is becoming a very common trend in the industry to improve efficiency and availability of IT resources. The trend of having one server/one application is going away, making way for the adoption of

GridGain Interview With Nikita Inanov, CEO

By CloudTweaks | December 29, 2010

GridGain Interview had an opportunity recently to speak with Nikita Inanov, the CEO of GridGains Systems. GridGain Systems is a privately funded startup company developing an innovative JVM-based Cloud Application Platform that enables rapid development of highly scalable SaaS

John Barnes

Technology Predictions of the Future

By John Barnes | November 10, 2010

Cloud Computing Predictions In 2010, we have seen a transformation of skeptics from their belief that cloud computing is suited mainly for small to mid-sized business, to a general acceptance that “the cloud” is everywhere. However, we have also seen

CloudTweaks Interview With GigaSpaces

By CloudTweaks | November 3, 2010

Interview With Mr. Adi Paz Of GigaSpaces CloudTweaks had an opportunity this week to interview Mr. Adi Paz, EVP of Marketing & Business Development at GigaSpaces XAP.  Adi Paz is Executive Vice President of Marketing and Business Development, responsible for

MimeCast Chief Scientist & Chief Security Officer Discuss Cloud Security

By CloudTweaks | September 13, 2010

MimeCast Chief Scientist & Chief Security Officer Discuss Cloud Security In your own words, please describe Mimecast and the company’s service to readers. Nathaniel: Mimecast is a cloud-based email management company. We provide our customers with a unified solution for

Cloud Security Benefits

The Security Benefits of the Cloud

By Glenn Blake | August 15, 2010

Cloud Security Benefits Cloud computing offers many advantages and some disadvantages while offering its servers to be used by customers. Security is both an advantage and disadvantage of the cloud-based environment.  Because of the immense size, skilled and dedicated professionals of


Technology Paradigm – How To Shift to Cloud-Based

By Glenn Blake | August 12, 2010

Technology Paradigm Shift Cloud computing is still not mature enough to give a final verdict about its usability. However, there is no doubt that there is a constant paradigm shift to cloud based computing. Before you shift your business or infrastructure

CloudTweaks Media Partner For The Cloud Security Alliance Congress November 16-17

By CloudTweaks | July 20, 2010

The Cloud Security Alliance Congress CloudTweaks is pleased to be a Media Partner with the MIS Training Institute and The Cloud Security Alliance Congress. The Cloud Security Alliance, the world’s leading organization on cloud security and MIS Training Institute are

Cloud Computing Basic Cheat Sheet

Cloud Computing Basic Cheat Sheet

By Stan Roach | June 22, 2010

Cloud Computing Basic Cheat Sheet Cloud computing models vary: Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS), Platform as a Service (PaaS), and Software as a Service (SaaS). Manage your cloud computing service level via the surrounding management layer. Infrastructure as a Service


How to Fight Fake News with AI

How to Fight Fake News with AI

How to Fight Fake News with AI With two-in-three U.S. adults, or 64 percent, saying that fake news stories are ...
John Pientka

Trust, But Verify. Not Today: Never Trust Always Verify

Reagan coined the phrase: “Trust, but verify” when dealing with the Soviets. In today’s world of Cyber it’s just not ...
Dana Gardner

A tale of two hospitals—How healthcare economics in Belgium hastens need for new IT buying schemes

The next BriefingsDirect data center financing agility interview explores how two Belgian hospitals are adjusting to dynamic healthcare economics to better compete ...
The Intelligent Industrial Revolution

The Intelligent Industrial Revolution

AI Revolution Prefatory Note: Over the past six weeks, we took NVIDIA’s developer conference on a world tour. The GPU ...
Adoption in DevOps has increased over the years

Adoption in DevOps has increased over the years

Adoption in DevOps Over the past few years, cloud computing has been evolving at a rapid rate. It is becoming ...