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(ISC)² is an international nonprofit membership association focused on inspiring a safe and secure cyber world. It is an abbreviation for International Information System Security Certification Consortium, Inc. The organization is dedicated to educating and certifying cybersecurity professionals worldwide. It offers a variety of cybersecurity certifications, including the Certified Information Systems Security Professional (CISSP), Certified Cloud Security Professional (CCSP), and Certified Authorization Professional (CAP), among others. These certifications are globally recognized and highly valued in the cybersecurity industry. (ISC)² also provides various educational resources, such as publications, webinars, and training courses, to help cybersecurity professionals stay up-to-date with the latest industry developments and best practices.


Ransomware’s Great Lessons

By Steve Prentice

Ransomware The vision is chilling. It’s another busy day. An employee arrives and logs on to the network only to be confronted by a locked screen displaying a simple message: “Your files have been captured and encrypted. To release them,

Visual Security Data

The Soft-Edged Cloud: A Security Challenge

By Steve Prentice

The Cloud Security Challenge The use of the term “cloud” to describe global, offsite, computing and storage technology is apt for a number of reasons; not all of them good. The metaphor succeeds largely when people visualize their data hovering

Steve Prentice

Competing Cloud Security Demands Call For Credentialed Professionals

By Steve Prentice

Demand For Credentialed Professionals It is not possible to stare with absolute clarity into the future. None of us has a crystal ball. But there is certainty in knowing that the path to progress on which our future lies curves

David Shearer

What I Have Learned: Cloud Security Insights From CCSP Pros

By Steve Prentice

Cloud Security Insights From CCSP Pros The age of cloud security gives rise to the somewhat mixed metaphor of a cat and mouse game played out on shifting sands. Cloud security professionals face a multidimensional conundrum as they try to

Steve Prentice

Security Training Through Practical Experience

By Steve Prentice

The Importance of Practical Experience One of the most interesting scenes to watch – if you are fortunate enough to time it right – is a full-scale emergency drill conducted by joint teams of firefighters, police and paramedics. These can