Google Data Fellows bring transparency to local jail data nationwide

By Google | December 14, 2019

Click here to explore Interactive Map with Localized Data In recent years, we’ve seen a bipartisan focus on criminal justice reform in the U.S., but to measure progress—and understand the breadth of the issue—we need data on who is being incarcerated

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Quadriga: Lawyers for users of bankrupt crypto firm seek exhumation of founder

By Cloud Syndicate | December 14, 2019

Lawyers representing users of bankrupt cryptocurrency exchange QuadrigaCX are asking Canadian authorities to exhume the body of its founder. They say they want an exhumation given “questionable circumstances” surrounding his death. Gerald Cotten died suddenly last year in India from

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Securing Multi-Cloud Manufacturing Systems In A Zero Trust World

By Louis Columbus | December 13, 2019

Securing Multi-Cloud Manufacturing Systems Bottom Line: Private equity firms are snapping up manufacturing companies at a quick pace, setting off a merger and acquisition gold rush, while leaving multi-cloud manufacturing systems unprotected in a Zero Trust world. Securing the Manufacturing

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Emotion recognition technology should be banned, says AI research institute

By Cloud Syndicate | December 13, 2019

There’s little scientific basis to emotion recognition technology, so it should be banned from use in decisions that affect people’s lives, says research institute AI Now in its annual report. A booming market: Despite the lack of evidence that machines


Landing a Silicon Valley Job After Learning to Code in Prison

By Cloud Syndicate | December 13, 2019

Jesse Aguirre’s workday at Slack starts with a standard engineering meeting—programmers call them “standups”—where he and his coworkers plan the day’s agenda. Around the circle stand graduates from Silicon Valley’s top companies and the nation’s top universities. Aguirre, who is

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The NHS robots performing major surgery

By BBC Tech | December 12, 2019

How would you feel about a robot performing major surgery on you? 2019 has seen a boom in the use of cutting edge robotic technology and there is more to come. Evidence suggests robotic surgery can be less invasive and


New Filesharing Implementation in Docker Desktop Windows Improves Developer Inner Loop UX

By Cloud Syndicate | December 12, 2019

A common developer workflow when using frameworks like Symfony or React is to edit the source code using a Windows IDE while running the app itself in a Docker container. The source is shared between the host and the container

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Security is Job 1: Machines vs. Machines

By Mark Barrenechea | December 11, 2019

Digital is redefining cybercrime and cyberwarfare Cyberattacks today are multi-stage, hard to discover and highly targeted. Some security threats are accidental, stemming from unauthorized employee access. As much as 38% of attacks come from internal breaches. In other instances, hackers


Traditional Cable and Wireless Brands Are Catching Up to Big Tech and Digital Brands in Terms of Customer Affinity

By Accenture | December 11, 2019

NEW YORK; Dec. 11, 2019 – Customer affinity toward traditional communications and media companies is closing the gap with that for big tech and digital companies, according to a new report from Accenture (NYSE: ACN).    For its “2019 Global

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Toys “R” Us Is Back—Now With More Surveillance!

By Wired | December 11, 2019

Reports about the toy store using cameras to track shoppers caused an uproar, but the companies behind the tech insist their systems are trained to ignore kids. After filing for bankruptcy and closing more than 800 stores last year, Toys


New Course Helps Those in Machine Learning Roles Prepare for Certification

By Amazon News | December 10, 2019

We’re excited to announce the launch of a new Exam Readiness course for the AWS Certified Machine Learning – Specialty certification exam. Available digitally and via classroom, this course teaches you how to interpret exam questions, apply concepts being tested


EU antitrust regulators mull tougher line against tech giants

By Reuters | December 10, 2019

BRUSSELS (Reuters) – EU antitrust regulators are considering taking a tougher line against tech giants by forcing them to do more to ensure a level playing field, a senior European Commission official said on Tuesday, a move which could affect


Why the digital infrastructure is a matter of national interest!

By Johan Christenson | December 10, 2019

Digital Infrastructure National Interest When the Internet was born, it promised a form of democracy and guarantee that everybody could be part and setup their company to contribute and make the Internet better. Today – a few giants from one

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Zero Trust – The Citrix Way

By Cloud Syndicate | December 10, 2019

Whack-a-mole (noun); “An arcade game in which players use a mallet to hit toy moles, which appear at random, back into their holes. Also used with reference to a situation in which attempts to solve a problem are piecemeal or

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