The Dynamic State Of Cloud Performance Monitoring And Evaluation

Monitoring and evaluation in cloud computing are essential processes. They determine whether a company’s applications on the cloud are effective, safe, and efficient. They also help eliminate failures in cloud computing’s functions, ensuring that business processes are not negatively affected or vulnerable.

So far, several providers have developed different cloud monitoring tools. In many instances, the intention is to create benchmarks for functions. These tools are also utilized to detect bottlenecks in cloud applications.

  • CA_Technologies_brand

    CA Technologies

    New York based CA Technologies offers software solutions and services that provide tools for IT governance, IT management, and IT security for mainframe and distributed environments. Their core cloud solution is CA UIM, designed for proactively monitoring cloud and hybrid IT environments.

  • Rackspace


    Rackspace acquired CloudKick in 2010, and then developed Rackspace Cloud Monitoring that is based on the acquired platform. Rackspace offers cloud monitoring services for public clouds like Amazon Web Services and Microsoft Azure, as well as for private clouds like VMware.

  • solar-winds


    SolarWinds has been in business since 1999. There services can monitor all the infrastructure in your datacenter using WMI, SNMP, CIM, JMX & VMware® API protocols. Their client list includes a high number of Governmental agencies most notably: NSA, U.S Army, Department of Homeland Security and many others.

  • Amazon Cloud Services

    Amazon Cloud Watch

    Part of the highly cost efficient Amazon Web Services (AWS) group, CloudWatch is a fairly basic, though very dynamic, tool that collects, monitors and tracks customizable data metrics. The Dashboards are interactive, allowing you to manually change categorizations and matrices through a very accessible API.

  • data-dog


    DataDog is a startup based out of New York which secured $31 Million in series C funding. They are quickly making a name for themselves and have a truly impressive client list with the likes of Adobe, Salesforce, HP, Facebook and many others.

  • science-logic


    ScienceLogic has an excellent list of well known clients. They provide not only an IT monitoring tool but also able to utilize auto-discover IT assets, visualize dependencies, correlate events, enable automation, and more.

  • cloudlock

    Cisco CloudLock

    Cisco Cloud Consumption as a Service, renamed to Cisco CloudLock, is available for both enterprise customers and channel partners since January 2016. The service discovers all of the major cloud and SaaS platforms one’s customers use, and then provides assistance with optimization and consolidation of that portfolio.

  • opsview


    Opsview is a global privately held IT Systems Management software company whose core product, Opsview Enterprise was released in 2009. The company has offices in the UK and USA, boasting some 35,000 corporate clients. Their prominent clients include Cisco, MIT, Allianz, NewVoiceMedia, Active Network, and University of Surrey.

  • loadstorm


    Loadstorm has been in business offering SaaS products since 1999. Their Load testing service allows web developers to know how their applications respond under heavy volumes of HTTP traffic. LoadStorm puts massive cloud resources in the hands of web developers to enable them to improve the performance of their web applications.

  • nagios


    Nagios is one of the leading vendors of IT monitoring and management tools offering cloud monitoring capabilities for AWS, EC2 (Elastic Compute Cloud) and S3 (Simple Storage Service). Their products include infrastructure, server, and network monitoring solutions like Nagios XI, Nagios Log Server, and Nagios Network Analyzer.

  • BMC-Software


    BMC Cloud Operations Management is a platform developed by BMC Software to offer proactive performance monitoring and capacity management. The Texas based company is traded publicly since 1988 and their solutions, including cloud performance and management tools, are implemented by 82% of Fortune 500 companies.

  • bitnami


    Bitnami Cloud Tools is a software suite that provides tools to manage and monitor AWS, Microsoft Azure, and Google Cloud Platform. The company is well known for their easy to use cloud images, containers, and virtual machines that are developed to work on virtually any platform.

  • monitis


    Monitis has been in business since 2006 and their client list includes the likes of: AVIS, Survey Monkey, Stanford University and the University of Cambridge. They offer a Universal Cloud Monitoring Framework, Monitis can sync to other Cloud computing providers such as Rackspace, GoGrid, Softlayer, and many more.

  • idera


    Idera provides deep server monitors that monitor the performance of critical applications, databases, Web servers, network devices, and critical system-level services. With up.time, data center monitoring and business server monitoring is a simple task. You can choose from any of up.time’s built-in server monitors, application monitors, or quickly define your own custom probes in minutes.

  • apica


    Apica was formed in 2005. Apica offers companies and developers, cloud-based load testing and web performance monitoring tools to test applications for maximum capacity, daily performance, improved load times, and protection from peak loads. Analyze online performance and pinpoint bottlenecks quickly and effectively. Their partners include: Rackspace, Rightscale, AWS and many others.

  • sevone


    SevOne boasts ‘user friendliness’ with the ability to view metric, flow, and log data, all in a single dashboard. With alliances like Cisco and Dell, SevOne is far reaching, utilizing Networks, 4GLte, and the “Hybrid Cloud” to standardize cloud infrastructure and alleviate visibility gap risk.

  • app-dynamics


    AppDynamics provides application performance management (APM) solutions aimed for DevOps and custom application developers. Their Application Intelligence Platform offers functionality to proactively monitor, manage, and optimize the most complex software environments. Since January 2017, the company is part of Cisco.

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Current views of cloud computing monitoring

Unified monitoring – All parameters of the monitoring process are captured by a single application which checks computers, server, applications, storage, virtualization, and general cloud computing.

Model-based monitoring – This is a form of evaluation where models are created across different cloud applications and functions on the basis of a working application. If there is a general glut, disparities are reported to compel a user to effect changes, abort operation, and so on.

Event-driven monitoring – This monitoring approach works around events. For example, when a system goes haywire, the tool will effect a change that will rectify that trouble. Sometimes, such tools can be used to correct errors as they come. This is because when things go wrong in the cloud, the effects can be catastrophic.

Extensible monitoring – This monitoring works on an API platform. It’s also among the most common in the market.

Verdict of monitoring cloud performances and evaluating performance

Monitoring and evaluation for cloud applications have never been more important. They represent the security you have when your organization decides to move operations to the cloud. Sometimes they require more hardware, funds, and expertise. Whereas these processes are still part of a growing sector with so much to improve or develop upon, businesses need to determine the best way to monitor and evaluate their cloud functions. In the long run, this can help them create a stable cloud environment for their organization’s evolution in the cloud.