There is no made-for-all solution when it comes to optimizing a website for speed, and while putting a cloud platform in place is a good start, every cloud startup should ensure that they have an optimization plan formulated to help make the necessary tweaks to ensure the website, and the business behind it, is a success. A few of CloudTweaks readers favourite speed optimization tools are listed below.

  • dareboost


    Dareboost helps you check your website speed by running online tests based on Google Chrome. You can also compare the speed of two web pages of your choice.

  • Online speed tool

    Data Monitor

    Data Monitor provides you with servers in 25 locations worldwide to test the speed of your website. They have facilities on all five continents. Automated testing feature is also available.

  • pingdom-speed-test

    Pingdom Tools

    Pingdom have an online website speed test that you can perform using a server in Australia, Europe, or North America. You can monitor uptime and performance upon registration.

  • gmetrix


    Part of the highly cost efficient Amazon Web Services (AWS) group, CloudWatch is a fairly basic, though very dynamic, tool that collects, monitors and tracks customizable data metrics. The Dashboards are interactive, allowing you to manually change categorizations and matrices through a very accessible API.

  • key-cdn

    KEYCDN Speed test

    A CDN providing a straight forward speed optimization testing tool as part of their service.