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CloudTweaks Technology Contributor Guidelines:

Minimum Word Count: Each article should comprise a minimum of 1000 words. This length allows for in-depth exploration of topics while remaining concise.

Content Neutrality: It is imperative that all content remains vendor-neutral. The focus should be on providing unbiased insights and analysis. Avoid promoting specific brands or products. Instead, concentrate on discussing trends, concepts, and theories in emerging technology.

Emerging Technology Focus: Articles should primarily cover emerging technologies. This includes, but is not limited to, areas like artificial intelligence, cloud computing, IoT, cybersecurity, and blockchain. The objective is to inform our readers about the latest developments and their implications in the technology sphere.

Educational and Informative Tone: The content should be educational and informative, aiming to enrich the reader’s understanding of the subject matter. The use of technical jargon should be balanced with clear explanations to ensure accessibility to a broad audience.

Originality and Research: All submissions must be original work. They should be well-researched, citing recent studies, surveys, and credible sources where applicable. This enhances the article’s credibility and provides readers with additional resources for further exploration.

Author Submission Requirements:

Author Credentials: Along with your article, please provide a professional headshot and a concise bio. This helps in establishing credibility and connection with our audience.

Bio Guidelines: The bio should briefly highlight your expertise and experience in the technology domain, particularly focusing on any specialties relevant to your article topic.

Author Headshot: A high-quality, professional headshot of the author is required. This image should be clear and presentable, as it will accompany the bio and article.

Submission and Editorial Process:

Pitch Approval: Before writing, ensure your article topic aligns with CloudTweaks’ focus areas. If you have not done so already, please submit a brief pitch for topic approval.

Review and Feedback: Once submitted, your article will undergo a review process. Be open to feedback and revisions, as this ensures the content meets our standards and aligns with our audience’s interests.

Publication Timeline: After acceptance, we will inform you about the publication timeline. Please be aware that this may vary based on our editorial calendar.

We appreciate your interest in contributing to CloudTweaks and sharing your expertise. Your knowledge in the realm of emerging technology is invaluable, and we are excited to present it in a format that benefits our diverse readership. We look forward to your insightful and informative submission aligned with these guidelines.

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