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CloudTweaks is an industry-leading authority in cloud-connected information technology resources. Established in 2009 and based out of Montreal, Canada, CloudTweaks provides current cloud computing news, developments, insights spanning over a diverse range of applications. We strive to inspire global awareness through the provision of the highest quality content and information-based resources.

Cloud computing is one of the world’s most rapidly expanding industries. The integration of cloud-based resources into our daily lives is becoming faster at an ever-growing rate. CloudTweaks provides you with the tools and data that you need to stay on the cutting-edge of cloud computing technologies.

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Our talented range of contributors includes knowledgeable and creative staff writers, authors, consultants, CTO’s, CEO’s, CIO’s, technology bloggers and cloud computing enthusiasts. We are deeply devoted to the study, analysis and observation of movements within the cloud computing arena. Our experts and discerning researchers supply a steady stream of the most influential movements within the cloud computing industry today.

Follow our publications for the best news and most up-to-date views. Make sure to consult our resources if you ever need some inspiration or information concerning any aspect of cloud computing. CloudTweaks gives you the most comprehensive coverage you’ll find anywhere. It’s our primary goal to accelerate awareness of the many benefits that the cloud has to offer.


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