Cloud Infographic: Startup Soup – Hot or Cold?


Cloud Infographic: Startup Soup – Hot or Cold? It is not easy running a startup, but it’s getting much easier due to the availability and low cost of Cloud computing and its related services.  This will inevitably mean more competition, but with the growing interest in Big Data, IoT, Cloud Computing, Wearable Technology and Clean

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The San Jose Earthquakes – Wearable Tech In Pro Sports


The San Jose Earthquakes – Wearable Tech In Pro Sports Wearable tech’s primary market so far has been early-adopting consumers and tech-addicts. While the demographic is slowly starting to broaden thanks to increased choice and tumbling prices, some demographics and industries are still being overlooked. Last week we looked at wearable tech in the workplace,

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vArmour Raises $36 Million To Protect The Data Defined Perimeter


Menlo Ventures, Columbus Nova Technology Partners and Citi Ventures Contribute Funds to Accelerate Development of Disruptive Technology, Scale to Meet Global Demand MOUNTAIN VIEW, CA–(Source: Marketwired – Aug 20, 2014) – vArmour, a stealth security company designed to protect the new data defined perimeter for enterprises, today announced it has raised $36 million in funding,

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Wearable Technology To Monitor Disease


Wearable Technology To Monitor Disease Technology has something for everything these days, now even disease monitoring. A wearable vapor sensor that is currently under development at the University of Michigan might just offer disease monitoring continuously for patients who have diabetes, lung disease, anemia and high blood pressure. The market for wearable technology itself is

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Standardizing The Cloud


Standardizing The Cloud Cloud computing has come a long way in a very short amount of time; however, if the cloud is to reach its highest potential, industry, government and consumers need to collaborate on the creation of global standards. Currently, there is very little consistency with how the cloud is managed across the world.

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Pinup: Qubole – The Growth Of Big Data as a Service


In late 2013, the growth of ‘Big Data as a Service’ (BDaaS) was being tipped as one of 2014’s standout trends. It was speculated that BDaaS was even the natural replacement of Software as a Service (SaaS) – the SaaS approach to acquiring specialised enterprise applications had proved itself to be a valid technology model,

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Internet Of Things – Industrial Robots And Virtual Monitoring


Internet Of Things – Industrial Robots And Virtual Monitoring One of the hottest topics in Information and Communication Technology (ICT) is the Internet of Things (IOT). According to the report of International Telecommunication Union (2012), “the Internet of things can be perceived as a vision with technological and societal implications. It is considered as a

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