Cloud Computing

Richard Duffy

Overcoming the impact of a major disaster on their IT infrastructure

March 24, 2023

Overcoming IT Infrastructure Disaster (Updated: 03.24.2023) One of the least considered benefits of cloud computing in the average small or mid-sized business manager’s mind is the aspect of disaster recovery. Part of the reason for this is that so few

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Cloud Services can Enrich Your Business’s Efficiency: A Thorough Overview

March 21, 2023

Enrich Your Business’s Efficiency In today’s digital age, technology has become integral to our lives, surrounding us at every turn. Evading its influence is virtually incomprehensible, as it has permeated every aspect of modern society. One of the intriguing aspects

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Gary Bernstein

Cloud Computing and Render Farms in Architectural Modeling

March 20, 2023

Render Farms in Architectural Modeling If you have a processing task for your computer to undertake, like turning your 2D designs into 3D computer-generated renderings, then your computer’s CPU or GPU (or both) needs to do all the hard work.

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CrowdStrike report shows identities under siege

March 16, 2023

Cyberattacks exploiting gaps in cloud infrastructure — to steal credentials, identities and data — skyrocketed in 2022, growing 95%, with cases involving “cloud-conscious” threat actors tripling year-over-year. That’s according to CrowdStrike’s 2023 Global Threat Report. The report finds bad actors moving away from

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Ronald van Loon

Enabling a Work-from-Anywhere Culture Starts with 5G

March 14, 2023

Work-from-anywhere has been an enduring theme since the onset of the pandemic, with 35% of surveyed Americans working remotely five days per week and 87% taking the opportunity to work flexibility if offered. Organizations are striving to equip their personnel for success

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William Nunez

The Role and Advantages of Big Data in Digital Marketing

March 14, 2023

The Advantages of Digital Marketing Given that the users’ activity online is increasing each and everyday, the amount of data they produce is rising as well. This data is also known as big data because of the huge information volume

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Gary Bernstein

Common DevOps Misconceptions: It’s Not A Role, But A Culture

March 9, 2023

Common DevOps Misconceptions 86% of businesses say it’s important for their company to develop and produce new software fast to win market share and beat the competition, Harvard Business Review reveals. Yet, just 10% of businesses they’re successful at doing so.

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Rakesh Soni

Breaking Barriers with the Cloud: How Computing is Unlocking New Business Horizons

March 7, 2023

Breaking Barriers with the Cloud The ever-increasing rate of global cloud adoption is enough to predict that cloud computing will soon become the need of the hour. Whether we talk about the finance industry, retail, or healthcare, everyone is leveraging

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John Peluso

Three Ways to Save Your Organization on Cloud Costs in 2023 

March 6, 2023

Save Your Organization on Cloud Costs Organizations of all sizes are currently navigating their plans to avoid the recent surge in cyber-attacks and data breaches and preparing for unforeseen setbacks. Building a sensible backup and recovery strategy needs to be

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Suraj Kumar Singh

Technology To Help Make Smarter Business Decisions

March 3, 2023

Make Smarter Business Decisions Updated: 03,03,2023 Launching a new start-up? You’ll need to invest in costly software packages, in-house servers, off-site back-ups and more. Right? Wrong. Thanks to the cloud, entrepreneurs are spoiled for choice while setting up technology platforms

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How to use zero trust and IAM to defend against cyberattacks in an economic downturn

February 28, 2023

Despite double-digit budget increases, CISOs and their teams are scrambling to contain increased internal breaches, embezzlement and fraud. Identities are the attack vector of choice during a recession, exacerbated by inflationary costs driving up the cost of living, making phishing

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Frank Suglia

Tips for Conducting Migrations after Support for Microsoft Office 2013 Ends

February 23, 2023

Migrating Microsoft Office 2013 As of April 11, 2023, Microsoft will stop supporting Office 2013. The decision to end support for Office 2013 should come as no surprise. Over the past several years, Microsoft has been slowly ending support for

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Gary Bernstein

Eight Benefits of Choosing VPS Hosting

February 22, 2023

Benefits of VPS Hosting Businesses are faced with several decisions when considering how to host a new website or web-based application. The choices a company makes can have a dramatic effect on its ability to compete with market rivals and

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Get Smarter

Who Has Time for Higher Education

February 21, 2023

Higher Education A big challenge for professionals of all ages is time. Balancing the responsibilities of work and life leave little time for self-improvement in the form of education. But ongoing education is more than just self-improvement. It’s also necessary.

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Benchmarking your cybersecurity budget in 2023

February 17, 2023

Knowing which areas to focus on in a cybersecurity budget to drive the most significant business value is a must-have skill for CISOs. Deloitte recently found that cybersecurity is core to cloud-based digital transformation, accounting for nearly 50% of the initiatives’ success. As

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Steve Prentice
The Era of Microlearning Becoming employable and then staying employable requires ongoing, up to date knowledge, and this can become something of a dilemma. Many of us grew up with a traditional understanding of the ...
Richard Duffy
Overcoming IT Infrastructure Disaster (Updated: 03.24.2023) One of the least considered benefits of cloud computing in the average small or mid-sized business manager’s mind is the aspect of disaster recovery. Part of the reason for ...
10 Leading Open Source Business Intelligence Tools
Open Source Business Intelligence Tools It’s impossible to take the right business decisions without having insightful information to back up the decision-making process. Open Source Business Intelligence Tools make it easier to have our raw ...
Security Breach 10 Useful Cloud Security Tools
Cloud Security Tools Cloud providing vendors need to embed cloud security tools within their infrastructure. They should not emphasize keeping high uptime at the expense of security. Cloud computing has become a business solution for ...
Stacey Farrar
Modern Auth and Exchange Online Migrations Microsoft has phased out Basic Authentication (Basic Auth), replacing it with Modern Authentication (Modern Auth) to provide increased protection and user security. Through this, Microsoft has turned off Basic ...
Drew Firment
Stop Focusing on Cloud Adoption and Start Focusing on Cloud Maturity For the past several years, most organizations have made it their priority to shift much of their applications and data from on-premises to the ...
More CISOs will have to deliver revenue growth to protect their budgets and grow their careers in 2023 and beyond, and a core part of that will be getting multicloud security right. It’s the most common infrastructure strategy for ...
David Discenza
Four Ways to Improve Cybersecurity (Updated: December 9th, 2022 ) Cyber-attacks on businesses have become common place. In fact, it’s estimated that a cyber-attack occurs every 39 seconds. Who are the targets of these attacks? ...