It’s Here — The 2019 Forrester Global Map Of Privacy Rights And Regulations

By CloudBuzz | June 24, 2019

Security and risk leaders consistently rank compliance with global privacy regulations as one of their top three challenges. To help them, Forrester periodically updates our map of global privacy rights and regulations. Our 2019 version was released today. This year,

Cloud Infographic

New 2019 Cloud Security Research Reveals Key Challenges for Security Professionals

By CloudBuzz | June 24, 2019

Data Loss and Leakage, Unauthorized Access Top List of Cloud Security Concerns SAN ANTONIO–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Security professionals continue to face a number of major challenges as more organizations move legacy IT operations to cloud infrastructure and applications, and traditional security tools


The Trade War Is Set to Hit Tech, but Not as Hard as Your Wallet

By CloudBuzz | June 24, 2019

Over the last year, technology companies were hopeful they might remain at least somewhat shielded from an intensifying bilateral trade war. After numerous exemptions, a far-reaching tax hike is finally poised to reach tech products. If it happens, large tech

Chandani Patel

Design Practices: AWS IoT Solutions

By Chandani Patel | June 24, 2019

AWS IoT Solutions Internet of Things (IoT) presents an unparalleled opportunity for every industry to address their business challenges. With the proliferation of devices, one needs a solution to connect, collect, store, and analyze the device data. Amazon Web Services

The Guardian

Deepfakes aren’t a tech problem. They’re a power problem

By CloudBuzz | June 24, 2019

By framing deepfakes as a tech problem we allow Silicon Valley to evade responsibility for its symbiotic relationship with fake news In the lead-up to the 2016 election, very few predicted the degree to which online misinformation would disrupt the


Use IAM access advisor with AWS Organizations to set permission guardrails confidently

By Amazon News | June 23, 2019

AWS Identity and Access Management (IAM) access advisor uses data analysis to help you set permission guardrails confidently by providing service last accessed information for your accounts, organizational units (OUs), and your organization managed by AWS Organizations. Permission guardrails help control

MIT tech review

A new deepfake detection tool should keep world leaders safe—for now

By CloudBuzz | June 21, 2019

Donald Trump, Elizabeth Warren, and other presidential hopefuls will be protected against AI doppelgängers thanks to a technique that looks at how they move. An AI-produced video could show Donald Trump saying or doing something extremely outrageous and inflammatory. It

MIT tech review

Five reasons “hacking back” is a recipe for cybersecurity chaos

By CloudBuzz | June 21, 2019

A new US bill would make it legal for private companies to chase hackers across the internet. It’s a terrible idea that simply will not die. Sometimes when tech policymakers try to solve a problem, their proposed cure would only


Hit by Ransomware Attack, Florida City Agrees to Pay Hackers $600,000

By CloudBuzz | June 20, 2019

MIAMI — The leaders of Riviera Beach, Fla., looking weary, met quietly this week for an extraordinary vote to pay nearly $600,000 in ransom to hackers who paralyzed the city’s computer systems. Riviera Beach, a small city of about 35,000

Cisco News

7 Questions about the Firewall: A Chat with Cisco featuring Gartner

By Cisco | June 18, 2019

The firewall remains the front line of cyber-defense for most organizations. The firewall protects an organization’s network, and that function isn’t going away anytime soon. Remember when people used to say, “the firewall is dead”? The numbers tell a different


Cybersecurity Falls Short in Organizations Undergoing Digital Transformation

By CloudBuzz | June 18, 2019

While C-level executives understand the need for cybersecurity as their organizations undergo digital transformation, they aren’t prioritizing it enough, according to a recent Deloitte report based on a survey of 500 executives. The report, “The Future of Cyber Survey 2019,”


Apple’s Tim Cook: Silicon Valley has created privacy-violating ‘chaos factory’

By CloudBuzz | June 17, 2019

Big tech companies are failing to take responsibility for the chaos that their innovations have created, according to Apple CEO Tim Cook…