Gary Bernstein

Defining Cloud Security Audit: What It Is and How It Can Help Your Business

Defining Cloud Security Audit When you're looking for cloud security, it's important to know what a cloud security audit is. Simply put, a cloud security audit is the examination of cloud systems and services in order to identify vulnerabilities and risks that could lead to data breaches or other cyberattacks. A cloud security company can help your business assess these ...
What is Microservices in DevOps?

What is Microservices in DevOps?

What Is The Role of Microservices in DevOps? The modern business landscape is constantly evolving, and so are the user requirements that come with it. What worked yesterday may not work tomorrow, and service providers must adapt to stay ahead of the curve. The same is true regarding security as new threats are emerging daily. This ever-changing environment pushes both ...
Study Finds Only 8% of Global Tech Workers Have Significant Cloud-Related Skills

Study Finds Only 8% of Global Tech Workers Have Significant Cloud-Related Skills

Silicon Slopes, Utah - September 20, 2022 – Pluralsight, the technology workforce development company, today released its 2022 State of Cloud Report, which compiles survey results from more than 1000 technologists and leaders in the United States, Europe, Australia, and India on the most current trends and challenges in cloud strategy and learning. While the study found that 75% of ...
Ronald van Loon

The New Data Privacy Paradigm: How to Build Industry Leadership through Digital Trust

The New Data Privacy Paradigm 2018 was a pivotal year in data developments; the GDPR entered to shake up the privacy landscape and usher data minimization and improved data privacy experiences into the forefront of global awareness. Four years later, data privacy continues to be a hot topic and a source of pervasive concern for internet users and businesses alike ...
Rakesh Soni

5 Common Myths About Cloud Computing That Can Have Negative Financial Consequences

5 Common Myths About Cloud Computing Cloud computing has offered new horizons to businesses embarking on a digital transformation journey. However, no matter how appealing, it’s also a reason to worry. With cloud computing, businesses can access crucial information about their organization anywhere, anytime. But this also means that it’s easy for hackers to access and exploit it. The changing ...

5 ways to secure devops

Devops teams are sacrificing focus on security gate reviews to meet tight time-to-market deadlines amid growing pressure to deliver digital transformation and digital-first revenue projects ahead of schedule. Compensation plans for CIOs, devops leaders, and their teams prioritize time-to-market performance, increasing the intensity to beat schedules. Over the last 18 months, 90% of IT leaders are also seeing digital transformation initiatives accelerate as enterprises strive to stay ...
Tiago Ramalho

3 ways AI can create a more equitable future for food distribution

More equitable future for food distribution with AI At best, only 70% of food gets used in the United States. The rest goes to waste. Although devastating, the good news is this massive waste of food and resources doesn’t have to continue. AI-powered systems have the capability and capacity to allow for a fair distribution of food, ultimately benefiting businesses, ...
Gary Bernstein

Intruder Alternatives : Some of The Best Options to Keep Your Cloud Secure

Intruder Vulnerability Tool Alternatives There are many Intruder alternative names on the market, but which one is the best for your cloud security needs? Intruder is a popular web application security testing tool, and it offers a wide variety of features to help you keep your cloud secure. In this article, we will discuss some of the best Intruder alternatives ...
Damian Ng

3 Cloud Modernization Challenges You May Not See Coming 

3 Cloud Modernization Challenges There’s no denying that migrating to the cloud unlocks multiple benefits for organizations looking to modernize their IT infrastructure. However, the journey to truly unlock the benefits of the cloud and experience its full potential can bring some unforeseen challenges. We can all agree that no two cloud journeys are alike, but having worked on several ...

How zero trust can improve mobile security

Employees’ privacy, personal identities and privileged access credentials are at risk because enterprises are sacrificing security to get more work done. While 85% of enterprises have a dedicated budget for mobile security, just over half, 52%, have sacrificed the security of mobile and IoT devices to “get the job done” and meet tight deadlines or achieve productivity targets. Verizon’s Mobile Security ...


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