Over the past decade, we have seen a drastic increase in the number of companies relying on cloud services. Given the nature of the cloud as a shared-resource environment, threats that infiltrate the system of a single provider can have a widespread impact on others that are partnered with the cloud service providers. Unfortunately, any vulnerability found in a CSP’s system is a vulnerability for the end user’s environment as well.  The more data that users have spread out in the cloud environment, the greater the attack surface is...

Kayla Matthews

6 Reasons More Organizations Are Adopting Zero Trust

By Kayla Matthews | November 13, 2019

Organizations Adopting Zero Trust The zero trust model is becoming more commonplace in security. It’s based on the realization that threats exist inside and outside of a network. Limiting those requires verifying a person’s permission to access something during every

Nikolas Kairinos

The growing role of AI in Sales and Marketing

By Nikolas Kairinos | November 12, 2019

AI in Sales and Marketing  Artificial intelligence (AI) as a Sales and Marketing (SaM) tool to help businesses deliver a better customer experience and secure quality leads was once considered an advantage reserved only for large and resource-rich organisations. However,

Infosec thought leaders

You Don’t Need Cloud Desktops, You Need Cloud-Based VDI. Here’s Why

By Karen Gondoly | November 11, 2019

Cloud Desktops / Cloud-Based VDI Virtual Desktop Infrastructures (VDI) have been around for a while. As an example, VMware started selling their first VDI product in 2008. Every year since then, analysts consistently predicted that this, finally, was to be

Ronald van Loon

Faster Innovation and Development with a Full-Stack AI Strategy

By Ronald van Loon | November 8, 2019

Full-Stack AI Strategy The future is here and companies that have incorporated the latest innovations led by AI in their business processes are reaping the rewards. A full-stack AI strategy is the way forward and is being adopted by numerous


3 Ways to Protect Users From Ransomware With the Cloud

3 Ways to Protect Users From Ransomware With the Cloud

Protect Users From Ransomware The threat of ransomware came into sharp focus over the course of 2016. Cybersecurity trackers have been aware of ransomware for ...
Daren Glenister

10 Ways The Enterprise Can Prevent Data Leaks In The Cloud

Prevent Data Leaks In The Cloud More companies are turning to the cloud for storage. In fact, over 60 percent of organizations store sensitive information ...
Aaron Continelli

Cloud-Based or On-Premise ERP Deployment? Find Out

ERP Deployment You know how ERP deployment can improve processes within your supply chain, and the things to keep in mind when implementing an ERP ...
Daren Glenister

What’s Next In Cloud And Data Security?

Cloud and Data Security It has been a tumultuous year in data privacy to say the least – we’ve had a huge increase in data ...
Brian Wheeler

3 Major Concerns For The Cloud

Concerns For The Cloud With the rise of cloud computing, different concerns about adopting the cloud have arisen over the years. In 2016, the top ...


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