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Jeff Bezos heads to India as Amazon faces regulatory probes and waves of protests

Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos will face a wave of protests from small business owners when he travels to India this

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This Company Hires Gig Workers—as Employees

A California law requires many contractors to be treated as employees. One temp agency startup might stand to benefit, by


49 million user records from US data broker LimeLeads put up for sale online

A hacker is currently selling a huge database of 49 million business contacts on a underground hacking forum, ZDNet has

François Amigorena

SMB’s perceptions of Cloud Storage Security

Data Storage Security The use of cloud storage is on the increase. However, SMBs are still suspicious about it. Actually,


The cloud is essential for innovation – but it must be run differently

Function as a Service Capabilities The cloud has changed. Ten years ago, it was all about cost. The benefits were


Cloud Tech Innovation – A New Requirement

Cloud Tech Innovation Sao Paulo, Brazil has had trouble with both energy and water supplies as of late. Despite it

Nicholas Lee Fujitsu

CLOUD AGGREGATION IS INEVITABLE: The Shift From Digital Disruption To Digital Enabler

Cloud Aggregation The big shift in big data, virtualization, enterprise mobility and complex integrated systems that are causing so much

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Payments Companies Will Always See ROI on Embedded Real Time Communications

ROI on Embedded Real Time Communications Without secure, real time communications applications, the financial services industry could literally ...
Matt Holleran

Cloud Platforms, Marketplaces, and Startups – Part One

Cloud Platforms, Marketplaces, and Startups One of the most exciting recent developments in the cloud software business is ...
David Gevorkian

Website Accessibility: Compliancy, Laws and Best Practices

Key to Making Your Website Accessible The internet has changed the education sector in so many ways. With ...
Louis Columbus

Predicting How AI Will Improve Talent Management In 2020

73% of U.S. CEOs and CHROs plan to use more AI in the next three years to improve ...

Over 2% emissions are due to the information and communications technology

You may ignore Global Warming but Global Dumbing by CO2... The concentration of CO2 in the atmosphere is ...
Ronald Van Loon

Augmented Analytics: Democratizing Insights and Empowering Business Users

Traditional data analytics has been revamped; this is the age of augmented analytics. Organizations are now making assured, ...

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