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Lighter Side Of the Cloud - Comic Examples

CloudTweaks supplies a popular technology comic series that carries a wide range of circulation. Our unique brand of light humor is enjoyed by a large user-base. It can be harnessed for licensing in newsletters, websites, infographics, eBooks and print. We supply affordable and flexible rates. Contact us for more information on our branded comic programs and promotional items for staff, clients and events.


I recently discovered CloudTweaks comics and knowledge sharing newsletters and decided to use one their comics in a 2 ½ day Introduction to IT Audit course. This particular comic referring to how cloud computing works as “magic” summarized my thoughts and was the perfect lead into my presentation concept...

Carol Rapp

- Audit Manager, Information Systems, The University of Texas at San Antonio

CloudTweaks is a helpful resource with a nice comic collection – especially relating to Private Equity/Finance...

Ludovic Phalippou

- Associate Professor of Finance (fellow of Queen's college and Oxford-Man Institute) University of Oxford

Developing data-related presentations for non-data lovers can be a daunting task. CloudTweaks comics are a great way to maintain interest and keep what some consider boring and heavy entertaining and light. Thanks, CloudTweaks!...

Elizabeth Wisnia

- California Department of Education

CloudTweaks has a great sense of humor.  Unlike many others, its website includes many great cartoons. The company is also generous with assistance on its resources...

Helen Abadzi


I subscribe to CloudTweaks comics because they are passionate about Cloud computing and above all else passion is the one thing that cannot be faked...

Scott Christie

- Barhead

We really appreciate the cartoon from the team at CloudTweaks. It enabled us to visually compare ideas that were presented at a recent event on cloud security.  The audience loved it! 

Ted Brunell

- Principal Solution Architect Chief Architect, DoD, Redhat

About twice a year, the IT department releases a newsletter to keep employees updated with technology inside the company as well as out in the world. The topics are usually pretty dry and the theme of our latest release, the cloud, wasn’t going to be any more exciting.  I included a comic from CloudTweaks and got at least 10 responses on the first day from people saying how they enjoyed the humor in this release. Thank you CloudTweaks for adding some fun into our newsletter!  I will surely use another one in the future!

Angela Chen

-Business Systems Analyst and IT Bulletin Editor-In-Chief

I decided to use one of the CloudTweaks comics in my new book on Effective Data Preparation because it points to a common problem in IT departments.  The “priesthood” of the IT manager enables him to portray his trade as “magic” before other staff.  The comic is in a black/white format, and it will reproduce well in a book without the need for colors...

Robert Nisbet

- Cambridge University Press

We LOVE your comic strips...

Mariah Lincoln

- Windows Azure | Social Media Strategist

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