Destroying Data In The Age Of Data Multiplication

Destroying Data In The Age Of Data Multiplication

The Age of Data Multiplication We are surrounded by data, whether in our personal or professional lives with digital elements that are constantly being captured ...
Nipul Chokshi

The Rise Of Predictive Marketing and How it Helps Startups

Predictive Marketing With over $100 million in venture capital invested in predictive marketing companies, predictive analytics, Big Data, and all that attends are of key ...
50s Sci-fi Movies

IBM and the Supercomputer – The Realities of the ‘50s Sci-fi Movies May Be Coming to Fruition

The Supercomputer In the 1950s, there were a ton of space movies. With the Space Race heating up between the U.S. and Russia, fears were ...
Data Science Big

Who’s Who In The Booming World Of Data Scientists

The World of Data Scientists The nature of work and business in today’s super-connected world means that every second of every day, the world produces an ...
Data Cloud

The Emerging Connected Data Computing

The Data Cloud Because of the flexibility and scalability of cloud services, organizations can experiment with big data in an elastic and malleable environment. For ...
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Ronald van Loon

Accelerating AI, Cloud, 5G, and IoT Innovation

By Cloud Syndicate | May 11, 2021

Artificial Intelligence (AI), Cloud, 5G, and IoT are continuously advancing innovation that extends across business development all the way down to the consumer level. Critical innovations are emerging from the escalation of new technologies, including hybrid workforces, remote healthcare delivery,

Business Voip

Cloud Governance Best Practices & How “Legacy Governance” Hurts

By Josh Hamilton | May 4, 2021

Cloud Governance Best Practices The cloud can provide your organization with substantial benefits — if you adopt an effective cloud governance model. Businesses established before the cloud era (or those that took their IT governance cues from that time) struggle

Wealthsimple on brink of largest-ever Canadian private tech funding

By Cloud Syndicate | May 3, 2021

$700-million-plus deal would value the bank challenger at $5-billion Wealthsimple Technologies Inc. is closing in on a landmark financing deal, backed by some of Silicon Valley’s leading venture funds, which will make the Toronto-based online bank challenger one of Canada’s

Gary Bernstein

5 Ways Cloud Technology Transformed The Way We Do Business Printing

By Gary Bernstein | April 29, 2021

Cloud Technology Transforming Business Printing A few years ago, you couldn’t send somebody a file if you weren’t in your office because all documents used to be stored on a computer. But today, it’s possible to send files from any

Yotascale podcast

Episode 10: The Modern Day Smokestack? The Economics of Cloud Management

By Steve Prentice | April 27, 2021

The Modern Day Smokestack A conversation with Asim Razzaq, CEO, Yotascale Why is cloud cost management so difficult? What are the main challenges in achieving cloud cost optimization? What are the principles of cost optimization that will help boost profits