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Making Returning to Work as Easy as Possible with SAP Learning Rooms

By CloudBuzz | April 19, 2019

Returning to work after a career break – especially one that has lasted several years – can be difficult. Now that digital transformation is in full swing, gaining the necessary knowledge and understanding systems and processes can be quite trying.

Introducing Mozilla WebThings – Open platform for monitoring and controlling devices

By CloudBuzz | April 19, 2019

The Mozilla IoT team is excited to announce that after two years of development and seven quarterly software updates that have generated significant interest from the developer & maker community, Project Things is graduating from its early experimental phase and

40% of Organizations Are Leaving Office 365 Data Vulnerable

By Kayla Matthews | April 17, 2019

Office 365 Data Vulnerable Microsoft Office 365 is a popular platform for individuals and organizations alike. But, recent research shows many organizations are apparently too dependent on Office 365 by using it as a backup service. More specifically, a study

Canadians Would Warm to Open Banking with Assurance of Increased Security

By CloudBuzz | April 17, 2019

TORONTO; April 17, 2019 – Open banking technology is poised to change the way the world completes transactions, but three quarters (75 per cent) of Canadians say they are wary of the concept, citing concerns about the privacy of their

The Key to a Successful M&A = Data

By Will Crump | April 16, 2019

Successful M&A = Data Data is often the single point of failure for many organizations. Divestitures, privatization, leveraged buyouts, and management buyouts are all on the rise, but data too often remains an afterthought, rather than an asset to be

EU approves tougher EU copyright rules in blow to Google, Facebook

By CloudBuzz | April 15, 2019

BRUSSELS (Reuters) – Google will have to pay publishers for news snippets and Facebook filter out protected content under new copyright rules aimed at ensuring fair compensation for the European Union’s $1 trillion creative industries. EU governments on Monday backed

Data Policy is Fundamental for Trust

By Garry Connolly | April 11, 2019

Data Policy Trust Consumers once owned and protected their data independent of anyone else. Handwritten letters, paper bank statements, medical records locked up in a doctor’s office were once the norm. The online era of digitalization and social media has

Brand martech CMO

Martech: Brand Marketing is the New Demand Generation

By Armen Najarian | April 9, 2019

First, An Apology Sorry, demand generation professionals. We still love you and your jobs aren’t going away. But, as you are well aware, the B2B buyer journey has changed—dramatically. Your roles, measurements, data sources, and tool sets have also transformed. All for the

Yahoo in new $117.5 million data breach settlement after earlier accord rejected

By CloudBuzz | April 9, 2019

(Reuters) – Yahoo has reached a revised $117.5 million settlement with millions of people whose email addresses and other personal information were stolen in the largest data breach in history. The proposed settlement made public on Tuesday requires the approval

AI must be accountable, says EU as sets ethical guidelines

By CloudBuzz | April 8, 2019

BRUSSELS (Reuters) – Companies working with artificial intelligence need to install accountability mechanisms to prevent it being misused, the European Commission said on Monday, under new ethical guidelines for a technology open to abuse by authoritarian regimes. AI projects should

When Morpheus met Watson: JPMC teams with IBM Data Science and AI Elite

By CloudBuzz | April 5, 2019

When the humans are away, will the AI play? It’s anyone’s guess. JPMorgan Chase (JPMC), however, is more than a little hopeful they’ll put their man-made-brains to placing the best investment bets. It’s true. People no longer make the risky calculations that

It’s a multicloud world, so we’re bringing Db2 to your AWS data

By CloudBuzz | April 3, 2019

If your business hasn’t already embraced a multiple-cloud strategy, it’s likely that one is in your near future. Recent research shows that 85 percent of companies already operate in multicloud environments, and 98 percent of companies plan to be multicloud by 2021.