Editorial Requests

You may contact us using the form below. We do limit the number of direct interview, briefing exposure requests per PR firm/client to no more than 1 or 2 per year. This allows us to balance out the playing field and offer some of the smaller companies an opportunity to garner exposure as well. If you are looking for an increase in client exposure, it is very easy to do so by joining our brand exposure programs.

Guest Articles

If interested in submitting guest articles to CloudTweaks, please include verifiable contact information in the form below or we won't be able to accept you into the program. If you are representing a thought leader, please provide their LinkedIn profile and any published samples of their work. 

In order to be approved as a guest contributor there will be a minimum requirement each year to commit to.

Sponsor Programs

We receive many placement requests for press releases, infographics, whitepapers and related. Please be advised that we do publish several through our own research and curation. However, when solicited to us directly as a promotion, we would classify this as advertorial.

Comic Licensing

Each week we run a popular technology related comic for our newsletter subscribers. We are asked many times about the reuse of them and currently they are free to use on Twitter, Facebook and small Power point presentations as long as you include CloudTweaks as the original source.

If you are interested in licensing them for Newsletters, Websites, Infographics, eBooks or Print, you may contact us regarding our rates.