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CloudTweaks aims to provide equal opportunities to both large and small developments. Our platform seeks to empower the greatest range and diversity of companies. This limits the amount of exposure programs granted on an annual basis. Due to the huge demand for our comprehensive brand exposure programs, we unfortunately have to limit the amount of briefing exposure requests to one or two per year, per client. If you need brand exposure as a new or existing firm, then be sure to take advantage of our broad spectrum of promotional services.

We have been firmly established in the cloud computing sector for several years. Through our years of experience, analysis, speculation and observation we have built a nexus for cloud computing around the world. CloudTweaks gives you optimal exposure enhancing guest contributions, sponsorship programs and comic licensing. If your brand, institution, product or movement requires recognition, turn to our range of authoritative, promotional opportunities.

Guest Articles

CloudTweaks maintains a large, well-informed user base. We provide effective guest posting services. As a guest contributor you can be assured a diverse audience giving you optimal exposure. We take great care to provide only the highest quality articles, expert insights and industry news. We require published samples of your work to gauge eligibility. When seeking approval as a guest contributor please include verifiable contact information. Please include social or business networking links.

Our leading publication services address emerging technologies, cutting edge developments and research on the forefront of cloud computing. If you feel that your voice should be heard, let us evaluate your content and you could be published on our influential community.

If approved as a guest contributor, you will be required to commit to an annual minimum specification of published works. Kindly use the contact form located at the bottom of this page to submit your services for screening and eligibility.

Sponsorship Programs

Infographics, whitepapers and press releases are most frequently published via our own research and content curation. When approached for sponsorship regarding any such material, the placement is regarded as an advertorial. Placement requests are available at a nominal cost, allowing you to gain maximum exposure for your brand at standard advertising rates. CloudTweaks maintains a network of high quality contributors and followers. Due to our diligence in upholding the best range and diversity of top level cloud related content, we closely filter all proposals. Our customized brand programs ensure that the optimal reach and audience demographic is located for your technology and / or cloud computing endeavor.

2016 Programs

  • Sponsored Articles
  • Newsletter Advertising
  • Social Media Amplification (Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn etc...)
  • Custom Designed Branded Pages ¬†(Events, Sponsored Articles, Corporate Blog, Twitter accounts and more...)
  • Infographic/Ebook Design and Promotion¬†
  • Customized Lead Generation Landing Pages
  • Comic Licensing¬†
  • Event Reporting and Coverage

If your brand needs a springboard to success and you feel that our platform can provide it, then contact us for our flexible rates and pricing structure, and to begin the screening process. Please use the contact form provided at the bottom of this page to place your inquiry.

Comic Licensing

cloudtweaks-comic-1CloudTweaks supplies a popular technology comic series that carries a wide range of circulation. Our unique brand of light humor is enjoyed by a large user-base. It can be harnessed for licensing in newsletters, websites, infographics, eBooks and print. We supply affordable rates for licensed reuse across all platforms and even offer branded comics that can be custom designed for your next campaign.

Our published comics can be reused freely across all non-commercial publications, when including CloudTweaks as the source. Similarly you are free to share them across social networks such as Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, as long as you cite us as the original creators.

Our comics are delivered by means of a weekly newsletter, and are also available in our site archive. They appeal to most cloud computing enthusiasts and help to build connections through humorous observations and industry associations.

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