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At CloudTweaks, we’re plugged into the cloud, the internet of things and all that the web has to offer. From wearable technology, to mobile computing, cloud computing and big data, CloudTweaks is your source for updates and news on the most innovative of modern technologies.

Guest Articles

We receive an extremely high number of guest article placement requests each day and the main reason for implementing our offering called the 12/12 Contributor Program which consists of long term guest commitments of 12 articles over 12 months. Those interested in applying for this program can do so by subscribing to our weekly Newsletter. When an opening becomes available, those who have subscribed will be the first to hear about it.

For non-committed guest article submissions. We may accept less than one per week.

Acceptance Requirements:

  • The article must be written directly by the¬†thought leader/influencer
  • Must be vendor neutral
  • High quality
  • Timely and relevant
  • Related to new technologies
  • Between 750-1100 words


  • SEO/Marketing/PR Firms who are selling link placement to clients with the promise of showing up on CloudTweaks. If you are looking to advertise, we have several low cost options available for brand placement
  • Press Releases, Whitepapers, Advertorials as these fall under advertising
  • Poorly written material
  • Keyword stuffing/unethical SEO tactics will be automatically rejected

PR and Marketing Firms

Unfortunately, we have no editorial opportunities available for you or your clients at this time. This is a tough business as seen with the recent demise of a large tech media property. Good writers cost money and in order to keep our site running we need to keep things very lean.

Each year we look to select between 5-10 of the best, most responsible and ethical PR firms to work with as editorial partners. Meeting deadlines, treating our team as partners, working ethically and delivering promising opportunities are the standards we look and strive for.

Writers To Assist

If you are really looking for client exposure, don’t be afraid to hire our writers. The material will be considered sponsored. However, you’ll have the satisfaction of knowing that the material will be well written and placed in front of the eyes of those that matter most – the readers. Hiring our writers will support our community and in turn you and your clients will receive placement at no additional cost.

Comics Licensing


Each week we do our best to provide a bit of humor each week to our visitors and newsletter subscribers. The absolute best way to give back and support our cartoonists and community, is to license, share and even visit our sponsors links.

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