CloudTweaks connects brands to an influential audience made of business owners and managers of growing businesses, entrepreneurs and early adopters. Our readers are Savvy Technology Leaders and Business Decision Makers who are at the wheel of worldwide businesses and emerging companies.

Brand Building

We have been recognized as one of the leading influential brands in Cloud computing, Big Data and IoT (Internet of Things) and have been included in several best-of lists throughout the world.

Our focus is to provide some free exposure in order to demonstrate the reach and credibility that CloudTweaks enjoys. Our intent is to establish solid relationships in which our clients invest in a campaign that consists of a number of exposure opportunities – some free and some paid.


Marketing Enhancement Programs

Our campaigns can be spread out over two or three months and depending on your budget may include:
  • Sponsored Posts
  • Newsletter Sponsorship
  • Infographic Branding and Promotion
  • Whitepaper Lead Generation
  • Social Media Placement

Sponsor Credibility 

Our Sponsored Post campaigns work extremely well because they are structured as news stories, and in an age where a viewer is bombarded by advertising, a well-written story comes across as far more appealing, and as such boosts the credibility of the sponsor. We have many high-profile organizations who work with us in campaigns of this sort, and it always helps build greater exposure, whether for a specific roll-out or event, or more generally for overall brand awareness.

We hope that you will consider a package from CloudTweaks that includes the media described above. Contact us for more information and a custom quote using the form below.

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