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Established in 2009, CloudTweaks is recognized as one of the leading authorities in cloud computing information. We are proud to present contributions from our own writers as well as from authors, consultants, CTO’s, CEO’s, CIO’s, technology bloggers and cloud enthusiasts from around the globe. Our neutrality and depth of expertise guarantees that your brand and product will be held up to thousands of decision-makers, IT professionals and consumers in the best light possible.


Our goal is to continue to build our growing community, by providing the best in-depth articles, interviews, event listings, whitepapers, infographics and much more.

We have a dedicated readership, through our online, social media and email presence: 

Business and technology decision makers: influential people who know that their revenues, their knowledge of market segments and their status as industry leaders all depend on innovation and knowledge.

● Technology innovators and developers who consistently create and exploit new technologies.

● Thought leaders and early adopters, who encourage quality and to whom others often go to for opinions on “the big next thing.”

● C-level executives, senior technologists and entrepreneurs, all of whom know that technology drives business achievement.


Sponsored Articles

Sponsored articles are a tremendous way to generate new visitors to your brand site. Our editorial style informative sponsored articles are a sure fire way to capture a new audience, while also generating new leads. These are perfect for businesses of all sizes.

Our rates vary depending on your requirements such as the amount of research, length of article, number of revisions and writer experience.

Our Sponsored Post program consists of an article of approximately 800 words, written by our specialist CloudTweaks writers, using up to 4 keywords directly related to your business, and including backlinks to your site or page. This post is included in a newsletter email to our 20,000+ subscribers, with your logo prominently displayed. Mention of your story is tweeted to thousands of our followers, with 2 to 4 hashtags included, and the article also appears on the front page of

Our experience and client feedback tell us that readers respond much better to sponsored content than to advertising banners, since there is a much higher degree of credibility in a written article. That’s why we call it credibility marketing.

We do the research, the interviews, the writing, the placement and the promotion. You get the glory. 


Sponsored Tweets

Social Amplification 

We run a number of social media amplification programs to help generate visibility to your brand. This can be accomplished through sponsored tweets or perhaps popular live Q&A Twitter sessions that we've done in the past.

(CloudTweaks Twitter Audience snapshot below)

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Sponsored Infographics

Infographics are an extremely popular method of explaining and communicating complex ideas or messages, and they are used frequently in the areas of cloud computing and big data. CloudTweaks provides opportunities for high returns through our direct development and placement of infographics.

We provide:

● In-depth research and analysis

● Professional design

● Strategic marketing placement.

● Eye-catching and straightforward, infographics speak to a wide variety of people, and succeed in carrying a message across in a vibrant and clear fashion.

Prices: $1500 for design, research and marketing, or $500 if you supply your own. Please contact us for more details.

Branded Comics


A cloud themed comic library! This is the undisputed home of intelligent humor covering the entire cloud computing industry. Created exclusively for CloudTweaks by internationally renowned cartoonists, our library takes the lighter side of cloud computing to a whole new level.

Please contact us to learn how you can licence our comics for print, web, merchandising, company gift giveaways.

Live Event Coverage

We are experts at attending live events in which we conduct live-tweets and interviews to ramp-up the coverage and increase the exposure of your event. Our services can include participation in pre-event tweet-ups, as well as post event summaries and stories. We deliver the “live” into “live event” through the power of our social media connections.


Cloud Podcasts

Starting in 2017, CloudTweaks will be producing podcasts, and we want you on board!

You already know us for our sponsored articles, sponsored tweets, infographics, live event coverage, cartoons and campaigns. Now we are going to offer a weekly half-hour show that talks intelligently about industry news and interesting stories from the worlds of cloud technology, cloud security, the Internet of Things and the Bitcoin/Blockchain.

The centerpiece for each episode will feature an interview with an executive thought leader, and each podcast will be supported by a landing page.

This means significant opportunities for exposure for your company, especially given the substantial presence CloudTweaks already enjoys on social media and through its newsletter mailing list. We connect with thousands of busy executives and IT professionals – decision makers and purchasers, all prime demographics for a dynamic podcast.

Currently we are looking to line up four noncompeting sponsors per episode, each sponsoring a 10-minute segment, for the fee of just $500 USD per segment. The sponsorship comes with a one-minute description of your company.

We would love to have you be part of this exciting new venture. Remember, we're not starting on the ground floor here. With our existing audience, this project already puts us sky high. In the cloud, as it were!

Demographic Snapshot

*Monthly Visits: 300,000 - 500,000

*Traffic Location: 40% US, 14% India, 7% UK, 5% Canada, 3% Australia

*Gender: 68% Male and 32% Female

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