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5 Tips For Improving Enterprise Cloud Success In 2017

Improving Enterprise Cloud There has been an increase in the adoption rate of cloud technology to help businesses keep capital investment and maintenance costs down ...
Dark Web

An End to Credit Cards? How the Dark Web Is Pushing Fintech Towards Blockchain

Dark Web Pushing Fintech Towards Blockchain As Jennifer Klosterman points out, “There are many strong reasons for reputable businesses to keep their noses clean and ...
Cloud Future

2017 Expected To Bring Cloud Service Price Hikes

Cloud Service Price Hikes As the year comes to a close and there’s a new one on the way, people understandably wonder what’ll be in ...

Utilizing The Digital Marketing Mix In Today's World

Digital Marketing Mix In the past, trends in the exceptionally fast-paced digital marketing mix arena have been quickly adopted or abandoned, keeping marketers and consumers ...
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Kickstart for AWS: Cutting Tech Adoption Time In Half

Cloud Kickstart for AWS Cloud Technology Partners (CTP) have unveiled a new solution for moving to the cloud which should interest anyone needing to deploy ...
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Dinesh Varadharajan

The Future of Digital Work: Can You Automate and Humanize at the Same Time?

By Dinesh Varadharajan | December 28, 2021

Automate and Humanize at the Same Time Recent innovations in technology and the COVID-19 pandemic spurred many organizations to embrace automation. This includes incorporating intelligent automation to streamline their workflows. But while organizations are becoming smarter, consumers are asking for

Ronald van Loon

MLPerf- Setting the Standard in AI Benchmarking

By Cloud Syndicate | December 20, 2021

By now it’s evident that artificial intelligence (AI) is the singular most definitive technology of this generation, and it’s powering broad industrial transformation across critical use cases. Enabling this AI-driven transformation hinges on accurate, high performing AI models and model

Manoj Kalyanaraman

Counting on the Cloud in 2022: How the Market Will Evolve

By Manoj Kalyanaraman | December 16, 2021

Counting on the Cloud in 2022 As we close out the year and approach 2022, the new year offers an opportunity to address burgeoning activity on the horizon. The last 18 months have brought significant change, and with it, increased

Dinesh Varadharajan

Detachment Between IT and the Business: How Citizen Development Can Help

By Dinesh Varadharajan | December 13, 2021

How Citizen Development Can Help In our digital age, people can order lunch from their phones and have it delivered in 30 minutes. Citizen development makes work as easy as ordering food from a food app. Citizen developers are non-IT

Ronald van Loon

What is R-Score & Why Your Organization Needs to Understand It

By Cloud Syndicate | December 9, 2021

Former head of U.S. Cybersecurity, Chris Krebs, recently cautioned that digital experts are fighting a “pandemic of a different variety” as ransomware attacks across the country increase. Ransomware attacks were up 150% in 2020 versus the previous year, with the