Pinup: Alpine Data Labs


Pinup: Alpine Data Labs The amounts of generated structured and multi-structured data are expanding at an extreme pace. Big data which is defined by data volume, variety of data, and velocity of data generation, is considered as an asset for every organization. This data needs to be processed and condensed into more connected forms in

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Whitepapers: Analytic Databases For Big Data


Information Governance in a World of Big Data Organizations need to evolve the governance of their information assets and respond to the opportunities and challenges brought by the mega trends of Big Data, Cloud, the Internet of Things, Mobile and Social Networking. Information governance already exists in most large organizations and has different, often unconnected, focal

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Cloud Infographic – Why Big Data Is The Next Frontier


Cloud Infographic – Why Big Data Is The Next Frontier Around ninety percent of the existing data has been created in the past two years. With this huge amount data within reach, all businesses from corporations to start ups need to use this information to optimize analysis and increase revenue. Provided is an infographic courtesy

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How To Get Your Apps Ready For The Cloud


How To Get Your Apps Ready For The Cloud Unless you’ve just started a brand-new organization, your IT environment is currently running a diverse collection of last-generation and older applications that were deployed with the one-application-per-server approach that unleashed the server sprawl that most organizations are still recovering from. The full potential of cloud computing,

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View From The Cloud


View From The Cloud With rapid adoption of cloud computing technology due to its innumerable benefits such as reductions in costs, ease of access, simplicity, flexibility etc., businesses are quick at grabbing every opportunity despite associated potential risk such as data security. Cloud computing is exponentially growing, and statistics shows us that in various forms

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Cloud Infographic: Cloud Computing And SMEs


Cloud Infographic: Cloud Computing And SMEs SMEs (Small/Medium Sized Enterprises) make up the bulk of businesses today. Most cloud based applications created today are geared toward the SME market. Accounting, Storage, Backup services are just a few of them. According to the European Commission, cloud based technology could help 80% of organisations reduce costs by 10-20%. This

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Big Data – Productivity, Innovation And Competitiveness


Big Data – Productivity, Innovation And Competitiveness Big Data Analytics Big data refers to datasets that are so large, diverse, and fast-changing which need advanced and unique storage, management, analysis, and visualization technologies.  According to McKinsey, Big Data is “the next frontier for innovation, competition and productivity”.  The right use of Big Data can increase productivity,

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Cloud Infographic: CrowdFunding Wearable Tech


Cloud Infographic: CrowdFunding Wearable Tech CloudTweaks has covered the topic of Crowdfunding several times over the years in the form of articles, infographics and even comics . We understand that it’s an incredibly powerful and important social tool to use for startups inspired by new technological innovation and advances. One such area that is clearly bound to

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