Big Data plays a major role in gaming, an industry valued at over $90 billion today. With the gaming industry more competitive than ever, developers are trying to understand player psychology and behavior to ensure games are constructed in such a way that players find their “flow zone.” Ensuring gamers keep coming back through game optimization, refining factors which encourage titles going viral...

Peeking Into The Cloud: Look What I found!

Peeking Into The Cloud: Look What I found!

Let’s imagine for a moment that you want to become the next super-power social site. It’s a daunting task, but you get to where you want to be by doing what? Cloud computing would help you. Cloud computing is a network of computers that are set up so that you can share data, explore new applications, and boldly go where no one has gone before. Okay, so that last part is not strictly true. No. What you can do is to have a cloud computing network setup were one part of the network handles inbound streams of information, whereas another part of that same service would be for all your outbound information.

To be any good at social media, you’re going to need to be able to store pictures, and your cloud network can do that as well. You’re not done yet – you know you’re going to need games for your visitors to play, so yet another part of the cloud service does that as well. All these things happen in milliseconds – before you even know it is happenning, it is already done. That is the power of a good cloud computing network.

Now, back to reality. The odds are that you’re not going to be the next social media giant, but let’s say you run a company. The same ideas apply to you as well. Your private cloud network can run all your applications, handle all your data and be able to store all the information you need. Your IT department is going to be wondering what to do once you put your own cloud computing system in place. Oh, and if cost is a factor for you, think about these things: How much do you spend now on making sure every computer, every system and every employee has the most up-to-date information, the best possible software to do their job, and the best equipment to get it all done? How much do you pay your IT department to do all of that?

You’re not going to be able to fire your IT department, but they will be able to focus on other projects instead of always worrying if everything is up to date. The man hours and money saved will, in many cases, make up for whatever you might end up spending on a cloud network. And remember; cloud networking is like anything else – it can be custom-made to meet your needs so that you only pay for what you use, not for more than you need.

So, is cloud computing for you? The doors are wide open, from becoming the next media giant to running a giant media company, cloud computing can be customized to meet your needs, every day. It gets better; many providers offer you a chance to test drive their services to make sure they offer what you need. Get in there and take a look – the power, speed, money and time saved and will quickly sway you.

By Emma Joseph

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