Chris Gervais

Chris Gervais

How to Avoid Becoming Another Cloud Security Statistic

August 22, 2017

Cloud Security Statistic Last year, Gartner predicted that, by 2020, 95 percent of all cloud security failures will be caused by user error. This means that organizations, rather than service providers, are much more likely to be responsible for issues,

Chris Gervais

Why Containers Can’t Solve All Your Problems In The Cloud

August 4, 2017

Containers and the cloud Docker and other container services are appealing for a good reason – they are lightweight and flexible. For many organizations, they enable the next step of platform maturity by reducing the needs of a runtime to

Chris Gervais

Vulnerability vs. Exploitability: Why they’re different & why it matters

July 31, 2017

Vulnerability vs. Exploitability There is a lot of jargon when it comes to cloud security. While the thought of having a vulnerability in security system seems scary, having an easily exploitable security system is scarier. What’s the difference? How do

Chris Gervais

Resolving the Normalization of Deviance by Building a Culture of Communication

November 21, 2016

Building a Culture of Communication Real-time monitoring and corresponding alerts are critical for maintaining the performance and security of today’s complex cloud infrastructures. Given the exorbitant amount of data effective network monitoring can produce, however, a troublesome problem often occurs:

Chris Gervais

The Cloud Isn’t a Security Issue; It’s a Security Opportunity

November 10, 2016

Security Issue In order to stay ahead in today’s competitive business landscape, companies need to constantly innovate. Development teams must continually release new products, features or services and cloud technology, along with agile development practices, make this perpetual iterating feasible.

Chris Gervais

Why An Inside-Out Approach to Cloud Security Is Your Safest Bet

November 9, 2016

Cloud Security In September, McKinsey released what might be looked back upon as a seminal survey. It opened the report with a simple, powerful declaration: “The cloud debate is over.” The data told a story that the pace of IT

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