Daren Glenister

RSA Conference: FUD-free or filled?

By Daren Glenister | March 23, 2017

IoT 15 Billion Units By 2021 At the annual RSA conference, there were plenty of discussions and presentations on the evolving cybersecurity threat landscape, including application security issues, the internet of things (IoT) and data analytics. While conversations circling the

Safeguarding Data When Employees Leave The Company

By Daren Glenister | February 15, 2017

Safeguarding Data Employee turnover is unavoidable. According to CompData Consulting, the average employee turnover rate in 2015 in the US was 16.7 percent, and this number was significantly higher in such industries as hospitality (37.6%) and banking and finance (18.6%).

What’s Next In Cloud And Data Security?

By Daren Glenister | December 29, 2016

Cloud and Data Security It has been a tumultuous year in data privacy to say the least – we’ve had a huge increase in data breaches, including some of the largest in history; an uncertain future when it comes to

Lessons for Corporate Board Members from the Colin Powell E-mail Hack

By Daren Glenister | November 8, 2016

Corporate Board Member Security It’s every company’s worst nightmare: waking up to find your confidential company information plastered across The Wall Street Journal. Salesforce was a victim of just that when Colin Powell, a corporate board member, had his emails

Cyber Security Tips For Digital Collaboration

By Daren Glenister | October 26, 2016

Cyber Security Tips October is National Cyber Security Awareness Month – a joint effort by the Department of Homeland Security and private industry to ensure that citizens and businesses alike have the resources they need to use the Internet safely

R.I.C.E: Reducing Cost, Improving Compliance, Controlling Data, Enhancing Experience

By Daren Glenister | October 3, 2016

R.I.C.E Therapy for Next Generation Customer Experience As industries worldwide adapt to the digital transformation that is modernizing many business processes, one big benefit is the ability to focus more on improving customer experience. An example of this change is


By Daren Glenister | August 10, 2016

Delusions of Adequacy President Obama’s recent policy directive on cybersecurity was eight years in the making. Unfortunately, its proposed actions are barely adequate to the massive task of defending against the onslaught of daily cyber attacks on U.S. companies and

Digital Transformation: Not Just For Large Enterprises Anymore

By Daren Glenister | June 23, 2016

Digital Transformation Digital transformation is the acceleration of business activities, processes, and operational models to fully embrace the changes and opportunities of digital technologies. The concept is not new; we’ve been talking about it in one way or another for

The Cancer Moonshot: Collaboration Is Key

By Daren Glenister | June 1, 2016

Cancer Moonshot In his final State of the Union address in January 2016, President Obama announced a new American “moonshot” effort: finding a cure for cancer. The term “moonshot” comes from one of America’s greatest achievements, the moon landing. If

The Collision of Cloud and Data Privacy

By Daren Glenister | May 11, 2016

Cloud and Data Privacy The “cloudification” of everything from data storage to applications to security services has increased the availability of free-flowing data, allowing business to access anything from anywhere. However, it’s raised serious concerns about the security of personally