Author: Gilad David Maayan

How FinOps Tools Can Transform Your Cloud

Transformative FinOps Tools What Is FinOps? FinOps, or Financial Operations, is a business strategy for managing cloud spending and optimizing the costs associated with cloud services. It combines financial, business, [...]
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What Are Kubernetes Operators?

Kubernetes Operators A Kubernetes Operator is a method of packaging, deploying, and managing a Kubernetes application. Conceptually, an Operator takes human operational knowledge and encodes it into software that is [...]
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5 Azure Cost Management Strategies

What Is Azure Cost Management? Azure cost management refers to the practices and processes that organizations implement to monitor, manage, and optimize their cloud spending on the Azure platform. This [...]
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CI/CD in the Cloud: A 2024 Guide

What Is CI/CD in the Cloud? CI/CD, or Continuous Integration and Continuous Delivery, is a methodology that revolutionized software development. It emphasizes regular, automated code integration and delivery. When we [...]
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SIEM Tools: Cloud-Based vs. On-Premises

What Are SIEM Tools? SIEM tools are designed to help security professionals identify, track, and respond to security incidents in an efficient and timely manner. They collect and aggregate data [...]
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5 Cloud-Based Documentation Tools Compared

Documentation Tools Compared What Are Cloud-Based Documentation Tools? Cloud-based documentation tools are software platforms that are hosted in the cloud, allowing users to create, manage, and store documents online. These [...]
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Software Mapping in the Cloud

What Is Software Mapping? Software mapping is an important concept in the field of software engineering and cloud computing. It involves the process of creating a visual representation of software [...]
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Revenue Intelligence for SaaS Applications

Revenue Intelligence for SaaS Applications What Is Revenue Intelligence? Revenue intelligence is a data-driven approach that companies use to understand and optimize their revenue streams. It leverages technology and advanced [...]
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AWS File Storage: A 2024 Guide

What Is Cloud File Storage? Cloud file storage is a method of storing data in the cloud rather than on local servers or personal computers. This form of storage offers [...]
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