Gilad David Maayan

Gilad David Maayan

Software Mapping in the Cloud

December 5, 2023

What Is Software Mapping? Software mapping is an important concept in the field of software engineering and cloud computing. It involves the process of creating a visual representation of software components, their dependencies, and interactions. This visualization helps in understanding

Gilad David Maayan

What Is OpenTelemetry and How Can It Help You Monitor Your Cloud?

November 30, 2023

What Is OpenTelemetry? OpenTelemetry is a set of APIs, libraries, agents, and instrumentation that empower developers to observe, collect, and manage telemetry data (metrics, logs, and traces) from their services for improved reliability, understandability, and debuggability. The project is a

Gilad David Maayan

Revenue Intelligence for SaaS Applications

November 22, 2023

Revenue Intelligence for SaaS Applications What Is Revenue Intelligence? Revenue intelligence is a data-driven approach that companies use to understand and optimize their revenue streams. It leverages technology and advanced analytics to gain insights into customer behavior, market trends, and

Gilad David Maayan

AWS Incident Response: Process and Best Practices

November 21, 2023

AWS Incident Response Amazon Web Services (AWS) is a comprehensive cloud platform offering a multitude of services that cater to various aspects of digital infrastructure. Security incidents in the cloud can have far-reaching consequences. Therefore, understanding and preparing for AWS

Gilad David Maayan

AWS File Storage: A 2024 Guide

November 15, 2023

What Is Cloud File Storage? Cloud file storage is a method of storing data in the cloud rather than on local servers or personal computers. This form of storage offers numerous advantages over traditional forms of data storage. It provides

Gilad David Maayan

Cloud Cost Savings: Tips for Cutting Costs on Amazon, Azure, and Google Cloud

November 7, 2023

Cloud Cost Savings Cloud environments offer businesses an array of advantages, from scalability to flexibility. Yet, as many organizations have discovered, these benefits don’t automatically equate to reduced costs. Navigating the intricacies of cloud billing can be challenging, leading to

Gilad David Maayan

Lambda Cold Starts: What They Are and How to Fix Them

November 3, 2023

What Are Lambda Cold Starts? Lambda cold starts occur when AWS Lambda has to initialize a new instance of a function before it can execute the code. This initial run of the function, which includes loading the runtime, your code,

Gilad David Maayan

Why RBAC is a Must in Your Cloud Environment

October 30, 2023

What Is Role-Based Access Control (RBAC)? Role-Based Access Control (RBAC) is a security procedure that restricts system access solely to authorized users. It is a policy-neutral access control mechanism defined around roles and privileges. The components of RBAC such as

Gilad David Maayan

Object Storage: 7 Trends and Predictions for 2024

October 13, 2023

What Is Object Storage? Object storage, in the simplest terms, is a data storage architecture that manages data as objects, as opposed to traditional block storage or file storage architectures. These objects include the data, metadata, and a unique identifier,

Gilad David Maayan

Threat Hunting in the Public Cloud: A Practical Guide

September 28, 2023

What Is Threat Hunting? Threat hunting is a proactive cybersecurity process where specialists, known as threat hunters, search through networks and datasets to identify threats that existing automated security solutions may have missed. It’s about thinking like the attacker, anticipating

Gilad David Maayan

What Is Cloud Endpoint Protection? NGAV, EDR, and More

September 19, 2023

In today’s rapidly evolving digital landscape, the concept of endpoint has significantly extended beyond traditional workstations and servers to include a plethora of cloud resources. From API interfaces to virtual machines and databases, these cloud endpoints are integral to modern

Gilad David Maayan

Connecting Your IoT Ecosystem to the Cloud with MQTT

September 12, 2023

MQTT, an acronym for Message Queuing Telemetry Transport, is a lightweight, publish-subscribe network protocol that transports messages between devices. It was designed for constrained devices and low-bandwidth, high-latency, or unreliable networks. The design principles are to minimize network bandwidth and

Gilad David Maayan

Azure Free Tier vs. AWS Free Tier: Which Provides More Value?

September 6, 2023

Cloud computing has become a cornerstone for the digital transformation of businesses. From startups to large enterprises, the need for scalable, reliable, and cost-effective cloud services is more pressing than ever. Recognizing this demand, cloud service giants like Microsoft Azure

Gilad David Maayan

Application Security Testing in the Cloud: A Practical Guide

July 18, 2023

What is Application Security Testing? Application security testing, or AST, is a crucial component of software development. It involves the use of techniques and tools to identify, analyze and mitigate potential vulnerabilities in an application. The goal of AST is

Gilad David Maayan

Understanding Azure Blob Storage Pricing

June 27, 2023

What Is Azure Blob Storage? Azure Blob Storage is a highly-scalable, cost-effective, and secure cloud storage service offered by Microsoft. It’s designed to store and manage large amounts of unstructured data, including text, images, videos, and binary data. This cloud

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Gilad David Maayan
What Is Object Storage? Object storage, in the simplest terms, is a data storage architecture that manages data as objects, as opposed to traditional block storage or file storage architectures. These objects include the data, ...
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