Mary Stanhope

Leveraging Carrier Ethernet To Connect To The Cloud

By Mary Stanhope | August 6, 2015

Connecting To The Cloud Determining the Best Cloud Connectivity Solution With the Cloud only being as good as employees’ ability to effectively access it, the overall user experience depends highly on enterprise network connectivity. Today, the Internet is the predominant

A Marketplace of Networks: Simplifying Enterprise Cloud Connectivity

By Mary Stanhope | July 7, 2015

Simplifying Enterprise Cloud Connectivity Cost. Agility. Innovation. For the modern-day enterprise, the advantages of migrating business applications to the Cloud are many. From substantial cost savings realized through economies of scale and pay-per-use models, to faster innovation and time to

Cloud Connectivity: Traversing The Path From Data Center To Enterprise User

By Mary Stanhope | June 2, 2015

Cloud Connectivity Industry analysts that follow enterprise organizations and the proliferation of Cloud computing are in overwhelming agreement: the Cloud is growing, and its proliferation is forever changing the business landscape. By 2018, more than 60 percent of enterprises will