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5G Network Market

Next Generation Hosted Telephones: A Case Study

November 7, 2019

Next Generation Hosted Telephones Business phone services are changing – but often, our expectations around what can be done with a phone system remains static. As a result, we continue with processes that aren’t as efficient as possible – potentially

VPN Technology

VPN in the World of Modern Technology

October 30, 2019

VPN Technology In the modern world, more and more people think about online safety. Cybercrime is developing rapidly: malware attacks, suspicions that a global cyberwar is unfolding between states, Internet users, private data thefts, numerous hacker attacks, as well as

IoT Energy Efficiency

How IoT Improves Energy Efficiency at Home

June 17, 2019

IoT Energy Efficiency In today’s technology-savvy world, practically every single person owns a device that connects to the Internet. You use the Internet for many functions including communication, information, and even actions such as ordering food. It makes your life

MIT tech review

When algorithms mess up, the nearest human gets the blame

May 28, 2019

A look at historical case studies shows us how we handle the liability of automated systems Earlier this month, Bloomberg published an article about an unfolding lawsuit over investments lost by an algorithm. A Hong Kong tycoon lost more than $20 million

Kishore Durg Accenture

Relevance at scale is the key to growth – just ask Del Monte Foods

May 20, 2019

Relevance at scale is the key to growth Consumer goods companies have seldom had things tougher. The possibilities shown to consumers by customer experience leaders such as Amazon, Google and Facebook have whet out appetites for more compelling services from

6 Core Challenges Businesses Face When Implementing DevOps & How To Deal With Them

May 13, 2019

Challenges Businesses Face When Implementing DevOps The idea of Development teams co-existing with the Operations department to ensure that the development cycle for new releases is quicker than ever… oh man, a couple of years ago – that would have

Blockchain Is Transforming Cyber Security

How Blockchain Is Transforming Cyber Security

April 15, 2019

Blockchain Is Transforming Cyber Security Introduction Computer technology and the internet have disrupted the old way of doing business. New revenue streams continue to come up, and business models of yesteryears are all but forgotten. But these changes are not

The cloud demystified: How it works and why it matters

April 8, 2019

Whether you’re backing up photos or streaming our favorite TV shows, you may know it’s all made possible by the cloud. But for a lot of us, that’s where the understanding ends. With Next ’19, Google Cloud’s annual customer conference, this

How Does Cryptojacking Work?

How to Recognize Cryptojacking (and How to Prevent It)

March 29, 2019

How to Recognize Cryptojacking After 2018 saw an alarming 13 million cryptojacking incidents (4 times as many as in 2017), it’s crucial that both businesses and individuals begin protecting themselves against these attacks. But what exactly is a cryptojacking attack,

UK Government Aims to Tackle Insurance Fraud with AI

March 25, 2019

Tackle Insurance Fraud with AI A bodybuilder, a cyclist and a student. They didn’t walk into a bar. But they did raise some hair-raising fraudulent insurance claims. In 2017, a cyclist claimed £135,000 compensation after he falsely stated that he fell

Working with security researchers to make the web safer for everyone

February 10, 2019

Working with security researchers What do a 19-year-old researcher from Uruguay, a restaurant owner from Cluj, Romania and a Cambridge professor have in common? They’re all security researchers—a global community of professionals, academics, students and hobbyists who are essential to

Data Science: Influencers review 2018 and share their 2019 predictions

January 9, 2019

Data science was one of the hot topics of 2018, and it’s likely to dominate again in 2019. The IBM Big Data and Analytics Hub asked five data science influencers — Jennifer Shin, adjunct professor at New York University Stern, product director at

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