The ongoing Huawei saga, explained in brief

By CloudBuzz | May 24, 2019

Here’s a rundown of all the major news in the past week If you’re feeling bewildered trying to keep up with the never-ending references to Huawei in the news, you’re not alone. Fear not—here’s a handy time line of everything

GDPR – One Year On

By CloudBuzz | May 24, 2019

May 25 marks the first anniversary since the European Union’s General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) came into force. After a two-year preparation process, the regulation came into effect a year ago tomorrow, harmonizing data security, data protection, data retention and

Digital Acceleration Is At Cross Roads – Modernize Everything Or Die

By CloudBuzz | May 24, 2019

Have you experienced or heard of anything similar to these anecdotes? “Tesla can’t figure out how to manage its glass inventory and replacements” or “I was abroad and had to give Uber my credit card number again!” or “My banking

GDPR One Year On: What Have We Learned?

By Cisco | May 23, 2019

It’s been an eventful year since the EU’s General Data Protection Regulation, or GDPR, became enforceable one short year ago on May 25, 2018. One of the biggest impacts of the GDPR has been the way in which it has altered the


When is a Norwegian Salmon a Norwegian Salmon? When EY Skye’s Blockchain Solution Says So

By SAP | May 23, 2019

Atlantic salmon has long been a vital part of Norway’s economy, generating more than $7 billion annually according to Statistics Norway. The Scandinavian country of just 5 million people produces 59 percent of the world’s farmed salmon supply with Chile

Top 7 characteristics of a modern data architecture

By IBM Big Data | May 22, 2019

A modern data architecture (MDA) must support the next generation cognitive enterprise which is characterized by the ability to fully exploit data using exponential technologies like pervasive artificial intelligence (AI), automation, Internet of Things (IoT) and blockchain. In addition, an MDA must support a platform-centric

Kishore Durg Accenture

Relevance at scale is the key to growth – just ask Del Monte Foods

By Cloud Syndicate | May 20, 2019

Relevance at scale is the key to growth Consumer goods companies have seldom had things tougher. The possibilities shown to consumers by customer experience leaders such as Amazon, Google and Facebook have whet out appetites for more compelling services from

Huawei poses security threat to UK, says former MI6 chief

By CloudBuzz | May 16, 2019

Report calling for 5G ban in UK comes as Netherlands said to be investigating Huawei espionage Huawei should be completely banned from supplying 5G mobile networks in the UK because its operations are “subject to influence by the Chinese state”,



Part 2 - Connected Vehicles: Paving the Way for IoT on Wheels

Part 2 – Connected Vehicles: Paving the Way for IoT on Wheels

Connected Vehicles: IoT on Wheels As vehicles become the hottest “thing” in IoT, the automotive, heavy equipment, and machinery industries ...
Birth of Modern Computing Then & Now

Birth of Modern Computing Then & Now

Modern Computing From as early as the onset of modern computing, the possibility of resource distribution has been explored. Today’s ...
High Demand For Tech-related Products and Services

High Demand For Tech-related Products and Services

The Tech Sector’s Profits The tech industry continues to generate huge profits, and for good reason. Internet usage in its ...

Why Enterprises Need Communication Hubs for Today’s WAN

Enterprise Communication Hubs As early as 2014, Gartner analysts were touting the benefits of communication hubs as a means to ...
How AI Revolutionizes the Industrial Sector

How AI Revolutionizes the Industrial Sector

Breakneck speed, unprecedented development and unhindered feasibility are just some of the phrases attached to the spread of Artificial Intelligence ...