Elevate Your Influence with Our Sponsored Interview Packages

Elevate your brand and share your visionary insights with our Sponsored Interview Packages. Tailored for tech innovators, industry leaders, and forward-thinking brands, our platform offers an unparalleled opportunity to connect with an engaged and dedicated audience. Whether you're looking to highlight your latest tech advancements, share your journey, or position yourself as a thought leader, our specialized packages provide the visibility and impact you need. Enjoy professional production, digital publication, and a comprehensive social media campaign designed to showcase your expertise and achievements. Step into the spotlight and make your mark in the tech world today.


Free Interview Package: Basic Thought Leadership Interview

Price: Free

Description: This package offers an opportunity for tech leaders and innovators to share their insights and contributions with our audience through a 10-question interview. This is an excellent chance for individuals or companies to gain visibility and establish credibility in the tech community without any associated costs.


  • 10-Question Interview: Focused on the interviewee's expertise, vision, and experiences in the tech industry.
  • Digital Publication: The interview will be published on our website in a dedicated section for thought leadership.
  • Social Media Sharing: A link to the interview will be shared once across our social media platforms.

Paid Interview Package: Branded Thought Leadership Interview

Price: $150

Description: This premium package is designed for those looking to maximize their exposure and impact. In addition to a detailed interview, sponsors benefit from enhanced visibility through our newsletter, homepage placement, and other high-visibility locations. This package is ideal for tech companies, startups, and individual thought leaders seeking to amplify their brand and reach a wider audience.


  • Branded 10-Question Interview: A comprehensive interview with the option to include branded content, such as company logos, product images, and links to websites or product pages.
  • Newsletter Feature: The interview will be featured in our monthly newsletter, reaching a dedicated subscriber base interested in tech innovations and thought leadership.
  • Homepage Placement: The interview will receive premium placement on the homepage for a week, ensuring high visibility among all website visitors.
  • High-Visibility Locations: Inclusion in special sections of the website that receive higher traffic, such as featured articles or top stories.
  • Extended Social Media Campaign: Multiple social media shares across all our platforms, including dedicated posts and mentions, to maximize reach and engagement.

Elite Influence Interview Package: Virtual Style Podcast Edition

Price: $900

Description: The Elite Influence Interview Package is our most prestigious offering, tailored for visionary tech leaders and innovators seeking to deeply engage with their audience. This package transcends traditional interviews, offering a dynamic 30-minute virtual style podcast that showcases the interviewee's expertise, achievements, and personal journey in the tech industry. This exclusive format provides an intimate platform for thought leaders to connect with their audience, share invaluable insights, and inspire action. Perfect for individuals or companies aiming to elevate their brand, influence decision-makers, and leave a lasting impact on the tech community.


  • 30-Minute Virtual Style Podcast: A professionally produced, engaging virtual podcast interview, delving into the interviewee's stories, visions, and the impact of their work. This intimate format allows for a deeper exploration of topics and personal anecdotes that resonate with listeners.
  • Professional Production & Editing: High-quality audio production, ensuring the podcast is polished, engaging, and broadcast-ready. This includes intro/outro music, branding, and the seamless integration of visual elements such as logos, images, and key messages.
  • Digital Publication & Hosting: The podcast will be hosted on our website, featuring in a specially designated section for elite thought leadership. This ensures perpetual accessibility for audiences to discover and engage with the content.
  • Prominent Social Media Campaign: Beyond a single share, this package includes a comprehensive social media campaign designed to maximize exposure and engagement. 
  • Newsletter Spotlight Feature: The podcast will be highlighted in our monthly newsletter, including exclusive behind-the-scenes insights or additional commentary from the interviewee, reaching our dedicated subscriber base with a direct call to action.
  • Homepage Highlight for a Month: The interview will be prominently displayed on our website's homepage for an entire month, ensuring maximum visibility and engagement from new and returning visitors.
  • Extended High-Visibility Placement: In addition to homepage placement, the podcast will be featured in top stories and special sections known for higher traffic, further amplifying its reach.
  • Dedicated Support & Consultation: Throughout the process, from pre-production planning to post-release promotion, a dedicated team will offer expert guidance and support, ensuring the podcast achieves its intended impact.

This package is designed for those who not only want to share their insights but also deeply engage with their audience and leave a memorable impact. Ideal for tech leaders aiming to highlight their innovative contributions, share their journey, and inspire the next generation of tech enthusiasts and professionals.

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