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Choosing A Cloud Provider for VMware Workloads? Ask These Questions First

VMware Workloads Provider Most of the cloud fanfare we see in today’s media is focused on application development, specifically, the services that cloud providers offer to support development of new applications on their platforms (IaaS). For new companies that are

Choosing a New Cloud Provider? Let the Workload Be Your Guide

Improving IT efficiency, delivery, and cost structure There’s no question that customers are embracing cloud for all types of workloads. Whether the workloads are mission-critical, third-tier applications, or somewhere in between, the cloud has become the destination of choice for

Your Ability to Recover From Disaster Depends on Your Willingness To Prepare

The best disaster recovery strategies are baked into your digital infrastructure from the very beginning The 1986 nuclear disaster at Chernobyl in the Soviet Union has been on people’s minds a lot lately, following the groundbreaking HBO series that examined


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