Month: October 2015

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Computing Services vs. On-Premises

Cloud-Based Services vs. On-Premises The surface costs might give you pause, but the cost of diminishing your differentiators is far greater. Will a shift to the cloud save you money? [...]
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Furthering Business By Seeing Beyond

Furthering Your Business Here is a typical customer service story that illustrates the gap between the power of modern commerce and the struggling mindset of business. John is a retail [...]
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Integrating Supply Chain Solutions Online

Integrating Supply Chain Solutions When oversimplified, Sales & Operation Planning (S&OP) is the iterative process behind optimizing Sales, Marketing, Product Management, Finance, Operations & Post Sales. It provides Executives from [...]
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Comparing Online Hosting Services

Cloud Hosting Comparison We provide a cloud hosting comparison between a few sites. Service providers are abundant and varied, with typical structures affording the reliability of virtual partitions, drawing resources [...]
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The Future of Employee Engagement

Employee Engagement Employees face a number of challenges in their day-to-day jobs, with emails, distractions and a never-ending workload topping the bill. A great deal of time is spent learning [...]
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