May 9, 2023

Atlantic.Net Cloud Platform (ACP) offers cloud-based hosting solution

By Gary Bernstein

Atlantic.Net Cloud Platform (ACP)

Since it was established in 1994, Atlantic.Net has expanded its reach from North America and Europe to practically all corners of the world. During those three decades, Atlantic.Net built a reputation for providing cutting-edge hosting and IT management services to big industry names. The company owes its success to a customer-focused ideology, summed up in its maxim: “Customer satisfaction is, always has been, and forever will be paramount at Atlantic.Net.

Currently, Atlantic.Net Cloud Platform (ACP) offers cloud-based hosting solutions for Windows, Linux, and FreeBSD Cloud Virtual Servers optimized for performance and scalability.

Numerous key features such as on and off-site back-ups, secure block storage, and 24x7x365 support make ACP the best option for those looking for cloud-based hosting on a budget.

ACP’s intuitive and user-friendly control panel and snapshot features increase shareability and make management and local storage much easier.

Unlike other hosting platforms, such as AWS and Microsoft Azure, Atlantic.Net provides users with a transfer capacity of 5TB in their basic package, which can only be matched by other platforms if upgraded after incurring substantial costs. Moreover, the transfer capacity gap grows even bigger with the choice of packages beyond the basic G3.4GB offered by the Atlantic.Net Cloud Platform.

ACP’s numerous hosting packages offer greater than 64 GBs of RAM and 16 vCPU processors. This robust hardware helps eliminate server downtime, provides users with second-to-none performance, and streamlines online operations of businesses by improving operational efficiency. Beyond this, ACP can offer even more RAM and vCPU processors to interested customers, as well as dedicated nodes that support custom VM sizing.

ACP offers up to 1280GB of NVMe SSD storage; even industry leaders cannot match this offering at ACP’s budget-friendly pricing. Currently, the pricing structure varies for Windows and Linux, starting at $29 and $17 per month, respectively.

Now that we have reviewed what the Atlantic.Net Cloud Platform has to offer, let’s take a detailed look at why ACP is a better option than others in the industry, such as AWS and Microsoft Azure.

Features Offered by Atlantic.Net Cloud Platform

Atlantic.Net’s cloud hosting solutions, developed through 28 years of experience, offer businesses a wide array of features that streamline online operations and reduce costs.

  • ACP Control Panel

To start off, ACP features a simple and intuitive control panel. With everything in one place, managing virtual cloud servers is hassle-free.

  • Virtual Cloud Servers

All the cloud hosting solutions offered by Atlantic.Net are backed by abundant SSD storage, resulting in loading speeds unmatched by competitors. Even in its basic G3.4GB package, Atlantic.Net offers SSD storage space of 80GB at a fixed monthly price, whereas others in the industry seek additional charges to match such speeds.

  • Snapshots

Along with providing abundant storage space, ACP also provides an intuitive Snapshot feature. Businesses can restore their environments to any time when a snapshot was taken, transfer a copy of the snapshot, or even create an entirely new server from the snapshot.

Also, don’t miss ACP’s 10TB transfer capacity. Where other providers charge hefty fees for higher transfer capacities, ACP offers a 10TB transfer capacity in its premium G3.64GB package.

ACP’s premium specifications make features like the Snapshot function at speeds other major providers such as AWS and Microsoft Azure cannot match.

  • Dedicated Hosting

Atlantic.Net Cloud Platform (ACP) also provides businesses with dedicated hosting, ensuring that the resources and specifications allocated to one business are not shared with others.

Dedicated Cloud Hosts

ACP’s Dedicated Hosts are pre-loaded with the Atlantic.Net Cloud Platform and can be directly integrated into all Atlantic.Net cloud services, providing superb performance and flexibility for an affordable price. These systems offer system memory from 64GB up to 2TB, CPUs from 12 to 104 CPU cores, and storage up to 90TB.

  • On- and Off-Site Backups

Atlantic.Net provides businesses with both on and off-site backups. Supported by ample storage space and advanced software, ACP’s backups are 100% automated and configurable to the needs of their customers. Atlantic.Net also offers replication and Snapshots.

ACP allows businesses to create automated backups at various intervals, such as 5 minutes, 15 minutes, hourly, or daily. Moreover, businesses can set custom configurations to meet specific requirements.

  • Secure Block Storage

ACP’s Secure Block Storage (SBS) allows businesses to easily attach additional storage for files, backups, or applications. Currently, ACP allows each server to have 8 additional SBS volumes, each with a maximum capacity of 16TB.

Benefits of Using Atlantic.Net Cloud Platform

Considering the features and pricing Atlantic.Net offers, the benefits to businesses are clear.

  • Affordability

First and foremost, the pricing for ACP’s cloud hosting solutions starts as low as $27 per month for Windows and $17 per month for Linux. The basic G3.4GB package, powered by 2 vCPU processors, offers customers 4GB of RAM, 80GB of SSD storage space, and a transfer capacity of 5TB.

These powerful features at such a low price are a handy cost-saving benefit for startups and small businesses that need not only robust performance now, but also the ability to scale and grow in the future.

  • Ease of Access

Thanks to ACP’s simple and intuitive control panel, businesses don’t need a webmaster for server management. The ACP control panel makes managing cloud virtual servers much easier, giving business full control over their hosting solution.

The ACP control panel enables businesses to easily and efficiently manage their hosting solution without in-house IT technical expertise. Moreover, it eliminates the need for them to hire a dedicated employee for server management.

  • Streamlined Operations and Increased Scalability

All of Atlantic.Net’s cloud hosting solutions are optimized for the best performance in the industry. ACP’s lightning-quick speeds allow businesses to streamline online operations and increase scalability.

This optimization improves website performance, enabling businesses to increase the accessibility of their digital presence and improve their users’ online experiences.

  • Abundant Storage Space

Sufficient storage space is paramount, but other cloud hosting providers charge hefty fees for additional storage.

ACP provides businesses with up to 1280GB of SSD storage space at no additional cost under its fixed pricing structure. Such storage capacities allow businesses to keep backups with ease, ensure smooth website operations, and enable faster data processing.

ACP’s Simple Pricing Structure

Unlike other major competitors like AWS and Microsoft Azure, Atlantic.Net ensures that each of its cloud hosting packages offers the best value.

ACP’s basic G3.4GB package offers 4GB of RAM and 2 vCPU processors. It’s the best possible option for startups and small businesses and costs just $27 for Windows and $17 per month for Linux.

In its G3.8GB package, ACP offers 8 GBs of RAM, 4 vCPU processors, and 160GB of SSD storage space. Businesses can avail themselves of all these features at a fixed monthly price of $57.50 per month for Windows and $34 per month for Linux.

The more advanced packages offered by ACP, such as the G3.32GB and the G3.64GB packages, are powered by up to 16 vCPU processors and offer businesses storage capacities of up to 1280GB. Prices for these premium packages vary but reach a maximum of just $461.50 per month for Windows and $272 per month for Linux.

 Key Takeaways

Atlantic.Net Cloud Platform (ACP) is known for providing the best features and specifications at unmatched prices. Some key aspects that set ACP apart from the competition include abundant storage space, Secure Block Storage (SBS), and premium transfer bandwidth. Depending on the package, ACP users can save up to $800 per month for Windows and up to $500 for Linux compared with AWS and Microsoft Azure cloud hosting packages. In most cases, ACP can save customers almost 50% compared to the big three cloud providers.

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By Gary Bernstein

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