Abdul Salam

Abdul Salam is Projects Lead, Cloud ERP Applications with the University of Sharjah He has 13+ year of work experience with Oracle implementation and knowledge to Oracle and partners project methodologies. He is working as HRMS Consultant - Oracle Apps with Arowana Consulting, Dubai for more than two years and has principal expertise in some business process and modules as Oracle Core HR / Oracle Payroll, Oracle Performance Management, Oracle SSHR, Oracle Time and Labour and others. His personal skills are problem solving, hard-working, teamwork, high level of project commitment, advanced English, and currently, experience as HRMS Consultant. Specialties: Project consulting for delivery of Oracle HRMS applications and related modules. Business analyst related to HRMS and Payroll. Custom applications. Specializes in international implementations of Oracle HRMS applications. On the other part of his worthy skills, He is also Technical Writer. He is engaged with various companies as a Technical Writer. He has a visionary personality and thus created many user guides, user manuals, how-to articles and presentations guides. Abdul posses over 3 years experience in technical & business writing with deep knowledge in Oracle, Oracle ERP, Microsoft Technologies, MS Office Applications (PowerPoint Presentations & others) and Network Communications
Slow Bandwidth Problems

Bottleneck: The Slow Bandwidth Problem

By Abdul Salam | October 17, 2013

Slow Bandwidth Problems Though Cloud Computing looks to be the future of application and data delivery for the foreseeable future, it is not without its downsides and bottlenecks, literally. The most evident bottleneck you will notice is bandwidth. It is

Determine If Your Cloud Project Is Agile-Ready

By Abdul Salam | June 18, 2013

Cloud Project Is Agile-Ready Agile development is for better or worse, the way to go with software development. Because of great competition in the space, and the fact that any small group of startups can even compete with large industry

Leveraging Agile Development

Leveraging Agile Development With Your DevOp Team

By Abdul Salam | June 17, 2013

Leveraging Agile Development Here are some ways that cloud technology leverages Agile development: Agile took off as a philosophy because the tech industry is simply impatient by nature. What used to take two to three years to develop now only

Some Reasons Behind Cloud Security Vulnerabilities

By Abdul Salam | June 11, 2013

Cloud Security Vulnerabilities We have debated back and forth that the Cloud is just as safe as the traditional enterprise option, and even more so. Combined with all the advantages, it is a better option for today’s business world. But

Is A Private Cloud Really A Cloud?

By Abdul Salam | May 9, 2013

Is a Private Cloud Really a Cloud? We essentially have two implementation models for cloud computing: the Public cloud, what people call the real cloud, and the Private cloud, which is an implementation of the same elements and infrastructure of

Top Issues Impacting Application Performance

By Abdul Salam | April 29, 2013

Top Issues Impacting Application Performance on the Cloud What are the key reasons application performance takes a hit? This question often crosses the mind of an enterprise and cloud system manager. Eliminating or reducing the key factors that can have a

Cloud Governance Should Be Prioritized

By Abdul Salam | April 24, 2013

When businesses move existing applications and resources to the cloud, they always do it in phases, moving the most stable applications first in order to minimize down time. The transition is a slow process which enables users to have enough

SMEs Dropping In-house Datacenters In Favor Of Cloud

By Abdul Salam | April 10, 2013

SMEs Dropping In-house Datacenters in Favor of Cloud We have often discussed that virtualization itself does not mean cloud computing, but rather it is the combination of virtualization and the delivery models being used to distribute the resources. And it is

The Same Security Threats As Enterprise Computing

By Abdul Salam | April 2, 2013

Security Threats People have always feared that cloud computing is inherently lacking in security because of the distribution methods used, allowing it to be more public than necessary. But research and reports indicate that it is not less secure than

Opinion and Definition of the Cloud

By Abdul Salam | March 28, 2013

Opinion of the Cloud Even though, cloud computing has become exceedingly common, the fact remains that people seem to have differing opinions when it comes to its definition. The issue is not the lack of definition or the lack of

Cloud Governance: Moving Into The Cloud

By Abdul Salam | March 27, 2013

Cloud Governance: Moving Into The Cloud A lot of planning goes into a proper transition of a company’s resources to cloud computing, and it is a necessary burden that IT managers must take. And an essential part of that planning

The Bring-Your-Own-Device (BYOD) Revolution

By Abdul Salam | January 10, 2013

The Bring-Your-Own-Device (BYOD) Business organizations have traditionally provided employees with all the required tools and equipment that they need to perform their jobs; this has been true for large organizations since people started, well, organizing. But for smaller organizations that do not