Cloud Computing In Education

How The Cloud Is Changing Online Education

By art-clean | July 27, 2016

Online Education Growth There’s no doubt that the internet has changed the face of education over the last two decades. In fact, by some estimates more than 80 percent of college students expect to take at least some — if

Pinup: ECmanaged Provides Multi-Cloud Management

By art-clean | April 8, 2014

ECmanaged Provides Multi-Cloud Management ECmanaged is a software as a service (SaaS) application developed by ACK Storm SL, a Spanish cloud computing company. ECmanaged is a pioneering multi-Cloud management tool that allows full control of applications at the implementation phase

3D Printing Manufacturing

3D Printing – Next-Generation Manufacturing Set Up

By art-clean | October 7, 2013

3D Printing Manufacturing Global engineering has started its journey towards cloud computing. This transformation is not just a fashion – the move from traditional business models to Internet has been gaining hold over the past decade. The 451 Research says,

Bridging The Gap Between User Experience & The Cloud

By art-clean | March 11, 2013

User Experience & The Cloud The next big thing in the evolution of internet is the industry of Cloud Computing. With technological advancements making a leap in every quarter of the year, new methodologies are being devised to meet out

Understanding The Concept Of Big Data

By art-clean | January 25, 2013

Understanding The Concept Of Big Data Big data is an information technology term defined as the amount of data that gets more bulky, complex, and fast moving that it is very difficult to handle through normal database management tools. Such

Cloud functions, costs and operation models

By art-clean | October 3, 2012

Cloud functions, costs and operation models Cloud computing is here to stay. It enables businesses streamline their goals, functions, costs and operation models. Although cloud computing has been around since the internet inception, not enough information about it is available

Insider Threats To Your Organization

By art-clean | October 1, 2012

Insider Threats Cloud computing uptake by businesses has shifted the general model of organizational information complexes. Business enterprises have a lot of data to store and use. Even as they shift to the cloud, there are major dangers around security.

Proven Ways To Increase Competitiveness Technology

By art-clean | September 7, 2012

Increase Competitiveness With Technology As cloud computing is currently enjoying a wave of global discourse by the business community, it is projected that more and more businesses are adopting cloud computing services as the preferred way to do business. Senior

IPaaS: Integration Platform as a Service. Buzzword Or Has Real Substance?

By art-clean | March 27, 2012

IPaaS: Integration Platform as a Service. Buzzword or has real substance? As enterprises have started using various cloud services such as, Google apps, etc a new problem has crept up in the form of “cloud silos”. This has complicated

cloud infrastructure

5 Major Types Of Cloud Infrastructure Options

By art-clean | March 19, 2012

Cloud Infrastructure Cloud computing is not an all-or-nothing option. In the past decade, the industry has matured to a point where there are almost a dozen different options to move your data and processes to the cloud. In this post,